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Urdu Movie Actress Samina Peerzada
It is quite remarkable to notice that many of the actresses in the sub-continent today, whether from India or Pakistan, come from quite contrary backgrounds, most of them having either qualified for professional courses, or even having started a career in the very same field. How far this helps in their subsequent acting careers is yet to be assessed, but it can be safely presumed that it must be adding a few notches to their maturity levels, and this must be directly or indirectly showing in their acting.
Though not that young, one such name from Pakistan that immediately comes to mind is that of Samina Peerzada, who instead of pursuing a career in commerce, in which she had graduated, chose to opt for an acting career, and besides making a name for herself in several notable Pakistani dramas, went to become a producer and director too, having got married to fellow entertainment world personality, Usmaan Peerzada.
While technically her acting career started in 1980 with a child role in a British production “The Blood of Hussein”, her regular acting stint commenced, as it normally does in Pakistan, through her roles in Television dramas, 3 years later. This allowed her to gain name and fame as an accomplished actress. She liked this genre and was also liked by her fans in TV dramas, with over 40 appearances against her name, spanning across 31 years and all major TV channels. Her most notable dramas were “Ishq ke Inteha”;  “Meri Zaat” and “Zindagi Gulzaar Hai”.
Her appearances in mainstream films as well as the lighter genre of TV serials has not been as voluminous as that in TV dramas, exposing perhaps her liking for the medium of drama. Rather, she was keener to try out her hand in film direction, starting off with “Intehaan” in 1999, on a theme dealing with the controversial social issue of marital rape. Even in Pakistan’s conservative environment, the film was critically acclaimed. However, after 4 films in some of which she acted also, she settled back to her favorite genre of TV dramas, where she is making her presence even now.
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Born on 9th August 1955 in Lahore, Pakistan, Samina Butt is a Pakistani actress who has worked in many dramas, films, and telefilms. She has also shown a keen knack for direction in the past years. She graduated from the Karachi Government College of Commerce and Economics. She is married to Usman Peerzada Usman Peerzada was born on June 24, 1950, in Lahor >> Read More... , a well-known actor in the industry, and has two daughters, Anum and Amal Peerzada. She changed her name from Samina Butt to Samina Peerzada after marrying the actor. Samina made her film debut in 1980, playing Lisa in the film The Blood of Hussain. She has worked in many films over the years like Shaadi Mere Shohar ki ( 1986), Mukhra (1988), Bazar-e-Husn (1988), Bulandi (1990), Nazdeekiyan (1991), Pabandi (1992), Khwahish (1993), Zar Gul (1997), and The Valley (2017). She has also performed in theatrical productions, most notable of which are Raaz-o-Niaz and A Doll House.

Other tv plays she has worked in are Zindagi Gulzar Hai ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’ is a family drama of separati >> Read More... (2013), Meri Zaat Zara-e- Benishan (2010), Durr-e-Shawar (2012), Rehaai (2013), and Daastan (2010). In March 2018, she made her Hollywood debut in the film The Valley Her career in Film Direction is brief but noteworthy. She has directed films like Zar Gul (1997), Inteha (1999), Shararat (2003). She has acted in numerous Tv shows in the span of her career. She has worked in shows like Wafa Kay Mausam (2001), Sheeshay Ka Mahal (2002), Ana (2004), Tere Ajanay Se (2006), Ishq ki Inteha (2009), Mohabbat Kon Rokay (2009), Kalmoohi (2010), Kafir (2011), Shehr-e-Zaat (2012), Rehaai (2013), Kaanch (2014), Saanp Seerhi Story Coming soon... >> Read More... (2017), etc.

Samina has received 9 National Awards for her directorial debut Inteha (1999). In 2013, she received a Lifetime Achievement Award at Beyond the Mango Film Festival in Bradford, the U.K. Samina also won two Hum Awards for Best Supporting Actress in 2013 and 2014 for her work in Roshan Sitara Roshan Sitara is a Pakistani romantic drama serial >> Read More... and Zindagi Gulzar Hai, respectively and another Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Television by Hum Tv in 2015.


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