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Dilli Darbar Hindi TV SHOWS on ZEE NEWS

Telecasted on channel Zee News from 6:30 P.M. onwards, Dilli Darbar covers the latest news in the world from Politics, Sports, Current Affairs, Bollywood and other social events happening in New Delhi. Experts from various spheres of life are invited for their take on such issues.The channel sends their correspondents to different locations to gather facts related to particular news bite.The best part of the show is that the program focuses on highlighting the problems faced by people belonging to different parts of the city.The makers of the show have also introduced a selfie stick with a camera in the show, which is used by the correspondents to capture pictures of areas which need special attention and care.

The pictures are featured on the show to prove the severity of the problem. Dilli Darbar is an one-of-a-kind show as it provides a voice and a concrete platform to the citizens of our country so that they can put their concerns in front of the government.An episode aired on 5thApril, 2017, showed how the patients suffering from eye ailments turned blind after they were injected by doctors at GTB hospital in New Delhi. The patients complained about the poor facilities available at the hospital.They strongly agitated against the hospital as almost 21 people lost their eye sight.

Later, the show covered the news related to the unethical practices adopted by the government and Chief Minister of New Delhi.On this, the opposition questioned the Chief Minister and targeted the leaders. Another episode with almost 4000 views showed the current scenario of New Delhi before MCD elections. The correspondents covered maximum areas of Delhi to find out the facilities available to people ahead of elections.They interviewed people and got to know that how political parties turn blind towards the demands of the people after winning elections.

They further added that in order to receive votes during elections, the ministers agree to all their terms and turn their backs after winning.The program also showed a brief report on how Delhi Metro catered to approximately 100 Crore people in year 2016-17. Delhi metro has become a lifeline for daily commuters who have to cover long distances every day.Another segment of the program highlighted the rising crime scene in the city and the ways adopted by cops to deal with it. For all the latest updates in the world of News, log on to http://www.zeenews.com. Also, do not forget to check the social media pages on https://www.facebook.com/ZeeNewsand https://twitter.com/ZeeNews