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Baba Filmanand is a comedy genre entertainment show that airs on the “Masti Khor” Channel. The show is primarily aired in Hindi, and featuresKikuSharda for the main role. The show’s main cast, KikuSharda is a famous comedian and actor. He has appeared in many entertainment and reality shows but has mainly found the world of fame by doing comedy shows. He had gained moderate success with shows like ‘Comedy Circus’ on Sony TV and ‘ Akbar Birbal Akbar Birbal is a Hindi television series, which i >> Read More... ’on BIG Magic. His appreciation sky rocketed when he was taken in the form of a cast member for the ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ show, which was hosted by Kapil Sharma.

Kikuhad played a role of Palak, an eccentric and weird woman. The show became ahit, and Kiku’s portrayal as Palak and his mimicry struck a chord amongst the viewers. Baba Filmanand is also a comedy show which is divided into many comedic segments. The segments star Kiku Sharda Kiku Sharda is a talented actor, comedian and, als >> Read More... and several other supporting cast members. The show derives its name from the role whichKiku, as a comedian plays. His role is about a character of a religious leader, or Baba, played by Kiku.

However, the character of Kiku is much different from a regular transcendental baba, and he is overly inspired by Bollywood movies. The segments feature Kiku, as a Baba and the other cast members who imitate a variety of other supporting characters ranging from ordinary people to celebrities and politicians. They usually come to Baba to solve their problems of day to day life. Rather than solving them typically, Baba Filmanand provides them with quirky and funny solutions that are inspired by various Hindi films.

In one such episode, a character, which was a parody of Himesh Reshammiya Intro: Himesh Reshammiya got his stardom after win >> Read More... , had come to Baba Filmanand, to seek his advice and with great humour, Baba advised him to sing songs of Kishore Kumar Kishore Kumar is an Indian playback singer, who ha >> Read More... as hymns or prayers to seek his blessings. The comedy of the show comes from a background on how a” filmy Baba” would solve the problems of a common man. The show parodies a lot of real life people and their behaviours. The segments, though fictional, are inspired by real life incidents.

The world of entertainment is always ripe with its piece of gossip, and as such, the show finds various situations that can be spun around and given a comedic twist. The show is inspired explicitly from Bollywood and uses its references a lot during its segments.

The skits enacted on the show are often some quirky indirect remarks or taunts to some of the specific events in Bollywood. For the fans of Bollywood, the show can prove to be a good piece of entertainment. It has extreme references to pop culture and the movie industry. If one keepshimself updated with the latest ongoing buzz, this show has lots of laughter to offer to its’ audience.