Hindi Tv Show Asha Nai Asha

Asha Nai Asha Hindi Tv shows on Sahara one
Asha Nai Asha which if literally translated means “a new hope” was a break from the routine Saas-Bahu serials that had become common during the year 2003. The serial was launched on the channel Sahara one by one of the great producers of country Mr. Ravi Chopra of BR Films and it aired every week on Sunday. Now, why was it titled Asha Nai Asha, i.e., hope? Well, it was named very aptly as it was a talent scout show, one of its kind at that time. According to Mr. Chopra, he always wanted to make such a different show as he always knew that the country was filled with talented people but they never get a chance to showcase that talent due to the lack of an appropriate platform. The reality show was basically singing talent hunt competition that aimed at bringing the hidden talent of the country on the screen.

To search for the talent, people who had the talent of singing were invited from all over India by the means of advertisement. The participants were first auditioned by the masters of their field and after all the auditioning process; the top 20 contestants were chosen who would go further to the next rounds. Every week the judges would listen to them and one contestant was eliminated each week on the basis of mutual decision of judges. Every week a new sort of round was there, like Ghazals, Classical singing, Folk, Bollywood and Western etc. In the end, one contestant was declared winner who was given prize money of Rs.One Lac. The show was a favorite with the viewers because of its different format and concept.