Hindi Tv Serial Ved Vyas Ke Pote

Ved Vyas Ke Pote Hindi Tv serials on Doordarshan

Well-known writer-director Lalit Behl-directed this series. Lalit Behl also wrote the story of the telefilm. Rohitash Gourd played a diligent son in Doordarshan’s Ved Vyas Ke Pote in late 90’s and shot to fame. Director Lalit Behl played the role of a lawyer in the telefilm. It is a humorous tale told in Doordarshan.

The story is of three brothers who live in Rajasthan. They have book binding business. They come to Varanasi for a first haircut ceremony of one of their newborn offspring. In the Varanasi town, they come to know that they are all offsprings of sage Ved Vyas, who wrote Mahabharata. After coming back to their hometown, youngest brother Bhim Vyas put a case on the serial maker of Mahabharata, B R Chopra.

They claim since Ved Vyas originally wrote the Mahabharata, their family is emitted to get the royalty. They make a claim for the royalty. Lalit Behl has produced and directed for Doordarshan many telefilms earlier. Since it was a telefilm, it was shot in outdoor locations mostly. The dialogues were meaningful, and even the camera depicted the true life of a middle-class family. The serial ended in 34 episodes, and it did not continue longer.

As the title of the serial suggest ‘grandsons of Ved Vyas,' the story too remained focused on the present days offsprings of Ved Vyas. The slapstick comedy of the serial was exhibited in every manner possible, be it acting, narration or even in the plot. The director even suggested in providing a funny narration in the background telling about the theme of the serial.