Hindi Tv Serial Tere Liye

Tere Liye Hindi Tv serials on Star plus

Tere Liye is a popular Hindi TV series broadcasted on Star Plus. It faced much competition with the famous TV show Uttaran broadcasted on Colors TV. It is ranked eighth among Star Plus shows. This show was also broadcasted on Pakistan's Kohinoor TV. Tere Liye is an emotional love drama of Anurag and Taani.

The whole story is centered on two young lovers Anurag Ganguly and Taani Banerjee. Both studied in the same school and have been best friends since childhood. Bimlendu, the father of Taani had cancer. He had been worrying about Taani's marriage. Shekhar, a friend of Bimlendu and father of Anurag, gets his son married to Taani. This ceremony was held secretly, and no one was invited except close family members. After their marriage, Bimlendu died. Shekhar assures that a public ceremony will be organised after they both become mature.

The twist comes when Taani and Anurag have to separate from each other, and they will meet again after eight long years. Taani was waiting eagerly for Anurag at home, but Anurag has changed himself and now doesn't care about her. He fell in love with Nupur in the US. When Taani came to know about this, her heart broke. How Taani managed to get back her husband forms the rest of the show!

The main characters in the show are Jonaki Ganguly played by Ruchi Savarn, Nupur Basu played by Neha Janpandit, Mauli Banerjee played by Neha Saxena, Shekhar Ganguly played by Kali Prasad Mukherjee, Laboni Banerjee played by Supriya Shukla, Ananya Basu played by Garima Bhatnagar, Taposh Banerjee played by Shakti Arora, Bimlendu Banerjee played by Virendra Singh.