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Sunaina, an in-house production of Pogo Original Productions, marked the television debut of Palak Jain. It had 23 episodes in all and aired on Pogo channel from 25 May - 26 October 2008. 'Sunaina' is certainly quite a distinct television series. It would appeal to the kids and teenagers and even the adults. The main plot of this television series had been based on the crazy lives of a fifteen-year-old girl, Sunaina V. Mathur (Palak Jain), who is the protagonist, her family which is dysfunctional, her friends who are mentally irregular and her school where she and her friends break all the rules.

Sunaina's life is far from being normal. She is a regular teenager but with a bizarre ability. She can see future in her dreams. Her morning dreams have a tendency to come true either in a real or philosophical manner. 'Sunaina' is not like the television series showcasing an ordinary teenager's life, which the viewers would initially expect, but it has something extraordinary to offer. Every day, she gets up and decides to solve a problem which is related to her dream and tries to prevent things from becoming true.

But she ends up landing herself and her family in a much bigger trouble than the actual one and always creates a big mess. Sunaina's dreams are not just about herself or the people surrounding her. She also dreams about the people she has ever never met but only read about like Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, and Darryl. Her dreams could be about anyone even her school teachers. This unusual gift and strange ability of hers is a closely guarded secret between her and her group of friends who always support her no matter what the circumstances and be with her through thick and thin.

However, Sunaina's father, Vijay Mathur ( Nitesh Pandey) and her mother, Geethika V. Mathur ( Pragati Mehra) are unaware of their daughter, Sunaina's unusual ability of her dreams coming true. Sometimes, her ability to see the future in her dreams has proved to be good for her. But at other times, it caused problems for her and her closed ones too. Basically, The show is about how the protagonist, Sunaina solves all her problems. Hence, every episode of the television series revolves around one of Sunaina’s dreams which comes true and how she and her group of friends always find a way out to solve everything and bring everything back to normal once again.