Hindi Tv Serial Shaheen

Shaheen Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment
Shaheen is a popular Indian serial aired on the Sony Entertainment Television. It is directed and written by Pravesh Bhardwaj and produced by Arvishi Cine Vision’s Ajay Shah. It tells a tale of a Muslim woman whose life takes a different turn post-marriage and revolves round the changes she faces there on.

Shaheen is the story of a young Muslim girl – Shaheen played by Juhi Parmar who is a typical Mumbai girl with dreams and loves her family. She belongs to an orthodox Muslim family, where her father’s only big dream is to get her married to a rich Nawab family. Though she is keen on continuing her studies further she decides to leave it all to keep upto her father’s wishes. Shaheen is married to a Lucknow based widowed Nawab, Juniad played by Bhaveen Gossain who is much older to her. She now has to move to Lucknow, a city very different from hers, having different cultures and life. The age difference between her husband and herself does not seem to bother her, but on reaching Lucknow, she realises that he also has a son from his first marriage. A fact that was known to her father but hidden from her. To add to her shock, her husband is still in love with his deceased wife and tells her that he cannot give her a wife’s position in his life.

In an attempt to make her life and marriage better she decides to pursue her studies futher which is agreed upon by all members of her new family. Here, she meets a poet Rafe and falls in love with him.

How she deals with her personal issues and makes the ultimate choice between her husband and her love forms the center of the story.

Though Shaheen was not Juhi Parmar’s first serial, her portrayal of the character gave her lot of appreciation and has been her best performance till date except for Star Plus’s Kumkum. Other important characters of the show are Begum Sahiba played by Sushama Seth. Other artisits who were part of the series are – Amit Behl, Tara Mehta, Naved Aslam, Abha Dhulia, Vandana Sajnani, Manasi Upadhyay, Ravikiran Shastry, Neena Cheema, Abhay Puniani, Rutuja Shah, Mahesh Kanwal, Lopa Bhatt and Malhar Kaushik