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Hindi Tv Serial Remix

Remix Hindi Tv serials on Star one

Remix in an Indian television series that aired on STAR One. It was a successful show amongst the adolescents and had multiple reruns on the same channel due to its popularity. The arrangement of the show is a redo of the prevalent Argentine series Rebelde Way. The story revolves around the lives of twelfth grade high schoolers in a world-class school called "Maurya High." The school is for the children of the rich and the celebrated, and grants scholarships for understudies to the families who cannot afford it.

The four primary characters are Tia Ahuja (played by Shweta Gulati Shweta Gulati is an Indian television actress who >> Read More... ) who is the only child of Sumit Ahuja, a fashion entrepreneur. Anvesha Banerjee Ray (played by Priya Wal Priya Wal is an endowed Indian television actress. >> Read More... ) the exclusive little daughter of a Bollywood rookie, Sonia Ray. Yuvraj Dev (played by Raj Singh Arora Raj Singh Arora is a brilliant Indian television a >> Read More... ) who is a spoilt little brat of a son even when raised by an Indian legislator, Yashwant Dev. Ranveer Sisodia, (played by Karan Wahi Karan Wahi is an Indian presenter and an actor who >> Read More... ) is a Rajasthani Regal, who comes to Maurya with the sole purpose of revenge.

He wishes to retaliate for the demise of his dad, and he thinks that the person at fault here is Sumit Ahuja, even though he is innocent of the crime. They shape the music team "Remix" and turn into the singing vibe of the decade. The story, likewise, brings into play the different components that shape up the lives and destinies of the four heroes, along with numerous others. Tia is a beautiful but naïve little girl. She immensely takes care of her health and has a high taste for fashion.

Tia never had the chance to meet her mother, because she died when Tia was young. She has never even seen a picture of her mother, and she misses her often as her father gives her little attention due to his busy schedule. Anvesha is a wild, spirited, and a downright crazy individual. She deems herself as a rebel because she finds it cool. Anvesha envies her mother because of all the attention and fame she receives, and craves for all that attention, which she thinks she deserves better. Due to that, her nature is influenced by ways to get attention. She dresses wild, behaves wild, and she is not afraid of anything. Yet, she is a warm-hearted person and helps her friends whenever in need.

Yuvraj is a child of a strict father, who expects him to become like his two elder brothers who are successful achievers. Yuvi dislikes his father for his undying urges and expectations of him. He understands his father needs to maintain his political image, but he thinks that nothing pleases his father to make him proud. However, Yuvraj happens to be a t corrupt and manipulative boy who has a habit of drinking just like his father. Although, he does not think that his father is corrupt in any sort.

Ranvir is a boy with huge ambitions to avenge the death of his father, a textile merchant who committed suicide. His family was reputable till the unfortunate demise of his father. Ranvir had a close relationship with his father, and he decided to bring the man responsible for his death to justice. He believes that Sumit Ahuja is the one who drove his father to the point of killing himself.