Anu Sinha has appeared in two Hindi TV serials. She played a minor role in Kayamath, a series that aired on Star Plus from February 2007 to March 2009. It gained popularity and ranked one of the top 10 Hindi TV serials at one point. She also appeared in Remix, playing Meher Dastoor, one of the lead roles.

The show grapples with the complications of a life in an Indian high school. This show was aired on Star ONE and holds particular appeal for a younger audience.

Aparna Banerjee

Aparna Banerjee is an Indian television actress who was born in the year 1972. She is most famously known for her roles in serials like Hello Friends, and Family No.1. Aparna claims that she wanted to become an actress since she was very young. It is because of her inclination towards acting that she prepared herself for it and worked hard to attain her aspiration. She made her decisions consciously and achieved what she had always dreamt of.  Aparna had a knack for comedies which is why all the serials that she has done have more of a comic element to them. She made her debut as a co-host of a show named Popoadam that was a production of Sony Channel. She claims that doing comic role requires more efforts and talent because it’s easier to make people cry rather than making them laugh. In both her serials she played a role of a chirpy and funny girl and she did it marvelously well mostly because she relates more to them. She has a predilection towards such comic and light roles. It is because of these serials in which she essayed youthful roles that she became a household name all over India.  Aparna Banerjee achieved a lot of stardom in her career as an actress, but it did not take her by surprise. Having said that, this stardom that she has achieved did not come on a platter either. Such kind of success that she acquired was something that she had worked for from the very starting, and she deserves it all.  Aparna Banerjee has now become a very respectable name mostly because of her project that she had launched in the year 2005 named 'Sukanya' that deals with empowering women. They have formed a group of women that produce various kinds of goods for sale.

Aparna Banerjee Hindi Actress