Hindi Tv Serial Parsai Kehte Hain

Parsai Kehte Hain Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN


Parsai Kehte Hain was a drama show that ran on DD National channel of the Doordarshan Network. The show was directed by Kundan Shah. The show originally ran in the 90’s when Doordarshan was one of the few networks in the country. After almost 20 years, DD Kisan picked up the show for a rerun in 2015. The show is based on the writings of the famous Hindi writer, Harishankar Parsai and hence the name of the show. The inspiration behind the show is – Harishankar Parsai was an accomplished writer in the field of Hindi literature.

He started a magazine called Vasudha but had to close it due to the heavy economic losses. He also was also a writer for a different Hindi magazine, Deshbandhu where he had a weekly column and responded to various queries of the readers. He won the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award in 1982 for his ‘Viklaang Shraddha ka daur’ which was a satire on society in Hindi. Despite the numerous works he published, Harishankar Parsai is best remembered for introducing satire in Hindi. His works were one of the first that featured satire on the society and its ruling class.

The show derived most of its stories from his writings. The show is reminiscent of Parsai’s writings. Similar to his books, the show focuses heavily on the life of common man. The show has multiple characters which denote the various classes and strata of society among the population. The concept of the show is simple as it looks at these characters and how they live their life. Their life is not easy as they always face difficulties and have to overcome great odds to achieve their goals. The show chronicles the various struggles they have to go through like – financial hardships, working towards a better life, finding their true love. In essence, the show encapsulates all of the common man’s hardships and his victories.

The characters of the show are simple and relatable. Through them, the show explores the workings of our society – the good and the ugly side of it. It is inspired by Parsai’s works, and hence it has sharp criticisms on the society. In this process, we also see the various aspects of human nature and how people behave in the world. The show was probably one of the few that did not succumb to the ‘saas – bahu’ drama that runs today. This makes it fun to watch and enjoyable