The only way one can fulfill their passion for something is just by going for it. Until you get involved, you have to try, and finally, you have to achieve. Here is a guy who got acceptance from the family but couldn't find means of gaining it. But he went ahead and won. He is the actor and director Jameel Khan.

Bollywood never knew that there is another face to Jameel Khan as creative director apart from being an actor until he directed a film, and it is a hit. Jameel Khan studied at Sherwood Boarding School, and from his childhood, he was very much interested in acting and theater. His winning the Geoffrey Kendall Trophy during his schooling days is proof that he did well then itself. Later, he did Bachelors of Arts in History from Aligarh University. His taste for theater made him for taking part in Sabang in Aligarh University. Though he wanted to do engineering, he couldn't. Even his father suggested him to do civil services; he didn't.

After his family accepted with his aim to become an actor, and with an aim to pursue acting as his career, Jameel Khan moved to Mumbai. Failing to find an accommodation there, he joined Mumbai University to MA in English program. During his studies, he read a lot of literature. In Mumbai, he came across Tue theater group Motley and went along with it. Director Naseeruddin Shah used to give encouragement to him, and he had a special relationship with them. Jameel Khan got introduced to the film industry with one of the 2003 blockbusters Chalte Chalte. Aziz Mirza directed the movie, and Shah Rukh Khan, Rani Mukherjee, etc. starred in the film got huge accolades. Jameel Khan took the role of a Traffic Policeman. In the following year, he appeared in Asambhav. After a gap of around three years, he took the role of Mr. Bokade in the 2007 hit film Lions of Punjab Presents. This flick is a satirical take on the non-resident Indians. Manish Acharya debuted with this movie as a director and so he did it with more care. Those who took the lead roles include Shabana Azmi and Ajay Naidu, etc.

In his further years, Jameel Khan appeared in Cheeni Kum, Rock On, etc. In 2010 crime comedy Badmaash Company, he had a remarkable role as Archie Bhai. Parmeet Sethi is the director, and Shahid Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, and Vir Das took the major roles. It got mixed reviews with some stating it a silly one, and some stated it to be good. His notable role as Asghar Khan in the both series of Gangs Of Wasseypur attracted the audience. He took the character of Vanka in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Ram Leela. He even portrayed the story of a wrestler in 2015 film Olahh My Identity.