Hindi Tv Serial Par Is Dil Ko Kaise Samjaye

Par Is Dil Ko Kaise Samjaye Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Par Is Dil Ko Kaise Samjaye was weekly a drama serial which aired on Sony TV. It aired every Friday at 830 pm. The show premiered on March 29, 2002 and concluded on September 20, 2002. The show had a total of 26 episodes, and each episode was approximately 24 minutes long. It was produced by Lameess Entertainment factory. The show was directed by Imtiyaz Punjabi and starred Raj S Verma, Shweta Salve and 'Pooja Ghai Rawal'.

The serial revolved around the lives of two sisters, Neelam and Aarti. Neelam, who was the older sister, raised Aarti after the death of their parents. Even after marriage, she still takes care of Aarti with the help of her husband and in-laws. She brings Aarti to her in-law's house. Neelam gets Aarti married to a Canadian husband. Aarti’s husband dies a while later in a freak accident, and soon after Neelam is also involved in an accident and presumed dead. Aarti marries her brother-in-law for companionship and to support her sister’s children. In a surprising twist, it turns out that Neelam is not dead. She returns to her house, only to find her sister married to her husband.

The serial ended abruptly since the director, Imtiyaz Punjab, lost interest in it due to the fact that it had begun to stray from its original themes.