Hindi Tv Serial Naya Mahisagar

Naya Mahisagar  Hindi TV SERIALS on BIG Magic

Premiered on 22nd February 2016, Naya Mahisagar is an 119 episodes’ Hindi TV series produced by Hats Off Productions.The show is telecasted from Monday to Saturday on Big Magic at 7:30pm.The series, initially known as Mahisagar, is back as Naya Mahisagar on the small screen. The comedy family drama focuses on the spicy relationship between a saas (mother-in-law) and bahu (daughter-in-law).With loads of fun, wit, and fantasy, the show is back with new characters like Ketki Dave, playing the role of 'daadi-saas’.

The story revolves around Mahi, a simple married woman, who tries her best to maintain a healthy and friendly relationship with her mother-in-law, Ansuya. Eventually,Mahi realizes that all her efforts were in vain. Soon, 'daadisaas’, the ghost of Ansuya's mother-in-law, is back from heaven as a spirit to help Mahi and plays a significant role in reshaping their relationship, funnily of-course. The series begins by showing Mahi, a humble and uneducated girl, who resides in a small village in Gujarat.

She celebrates her success and also her failures at the same time. She loves to enjoy every moment in life and is not much interested in household work. Being a motherless child, she never learnt household chores and this eventually became the reason of her father’s tension. Sagar, who is an MBA and son of a famous politician of Ahmedabad, visits Mahi’s village for his project during Navratri. Eventually, he notices Mahi and falls in love with her simplicity without caring about her uneducated background and status. In due course of time, Mahi’s father gets sick and is on the deathbed. He wants to see his daughter well settled and happy. Finally, Sagar and Mahi decide to get married in the presence of Mahi’s father.

The show got its name as “Mahisagar” from an old story, which states that when river Mahi got stuck between mountains and could not meet her soul, the Sagar (ocean) crossed all boundaries and hurdles to meet Mahi and took her with him. Most viewed episodes of the show depict how Daadi-saas takes the form of a spirit and moves around the house to resolve issues between Mahi and Ansuya. In turn, Ansuya does not like her mother-in-law and tries to trouble her by playing pranks. Ansuya cannot see her mother-in-law’s spirit so she chooses to harm her through her statue, which is placed in their house.