Hindi Tv Serial Meet Mila De Rabba

Meet Mila De Rabba Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Aired on Sony TV every Monday to Thursday at 8 pm, Meet Mila De Rabba is a love story of a happy-go-lucky girl who gives in to fate. The show ran from November 3, 2008 to May 21, 2009. The happy, young girl from Punjab Geet, agrees to marry a man without knowing a single thing about him. Geet does so for the sake of her family's honour and society's norm. Even though she decides to put in every effort for her married life, the life ahead of her is not without its shares of difficulties. During her marriage ceremony, just when everyone is filled with euphoria and happiness a gunshot is fired, and the bullet hits the groom. After a tragic marriage, Geet is re-married to an army officer Kulwant Singh.

Just as she is adjusting to the way of life with her new husband and family, Kulwant Singh returns to his duty on the border. As fate would have it, he gets shot on the very first day. He survives the bullet and ends up in Pakistan. He goes through several struggles in Pakistan and at one point of time is believed dead. Even Geet dons widow clothes believing Kulwant is dead. However, Kulwant returns alive and well to the country. Geet gets pregnant with his child and they live happily ever after. The serial occupied prime time and replaced a popular TV serial when it first began. The series was directed by Rajiev Bhanot and ran for 11 episodes on Sony TV.