Birthday: 03-06-1987
Age: 31
Star sign: Cancer


Art is what runs through her family, Surilie’s father (Mukesh Gautam) was a Bollywood film director. Her elder sister ( Yami Gautam) is also part of the entertainment industry. Even though she is not as successful as her sister is, Surilie still managed to hold a spot in the industry.

Surilie grew up looking at her father, and her elder sister, and this is where her passion to enter the Entertainment Industry came. It was her wish to be known as Surilie Gautam, and not as Yami Gautam’s younger sister. Due to her passion and encouragement from her family, Surilie got casted in a television show Meet Mila De Rabba (2008), aired on Sony Entertainment Television. She started her career with a lead in the serial as Geet, who belonged to a Punjabi family and agrees to marry an unknown guy because her parents wanted her to, but in the wedding ceremony he was shot dead. After that, Geet gets married to an Army Officer.

Watching movies, dancing, traveling, and reading are the things she likes to do in her spare time. Being a movie fanatic, she updates herself with all the new movies released; she also likes to listen to Indian songs, especially item songs. She has read many novels, as it is a hobby she got from her mother, who liked to read a lot.