Hindi Tv Serial Kanoon


Kanoon is a show based on the court-room drama series. Telecasted on DD National, it soon gained popularity among the audience. Full of suspense and thrilled the show's TRP soon started rising with geometric progression. The show was produced by B. R Chopra. Directed by Ravi Chopra and B.R Chopra. The music composer of the show was Ravi and the make-up department for the series was handled by Vimal Devkar.The concept of the story was given by Satish Bhatnagar, Sachin Bhowmik, Kulwant Jain, Hasan Kamal.

Originally, the show was premiered on DD National only but later on it was dubbed in Tamil, because of its rising popularity. In all total four seasons were telecasted, in which hundred and eleven episodes during 1993-1996. The running time of the show was approximately half an hour. All the episodes began with a title song that was suggested by Mahendra Kapoor. The star cast of the show includes Rupa Ganguly and Rishab Shukla in the leads.The other characters were Pankaj Dheer as Vijay Saxena, Ananth Narayan Mahadevan as Pasha, Vinod Kapoor as Inspector Shakti Singh, Deep Dhillon as Public Prosecutor Indrajeet Singh and Kavita Kapoor as Milli. The other side role-plays were played by Dinesh Anand as Sardesh Kumar, Girja Shankar as Caretaker, Tanya Singh as Caretaker's daughter, Pushpa Verma as Caretaker's wife, Raza Murad as Syndicate Boss, Ali Khan as Damodar, Zaheer Rizvi as Sonny, Hanu Rao as Sonny's friend, Rahul Seth as Sonny's friend, Gagan Gupta as Sonny's friend, Gufi Paintal as Justice Raghunath, Manju Vyas as Mrs.Raghunath, Natasha Singh as Dolly Raghunath, Sumeet as Bunty Raghunath, Sharat Saxena as Avinash / Inspector Sooraj Singh, Vishnu Sharma as Police Commissioner, Rana Jung Bahadur as Rajan, Deepak Parashar as Deepak Dasgupta, Dolly Sharma as Mina Dasgupta, etc.

This show will keep one hooked to their seats till the end. It is full of mystery and suspense that will you amuse every time. This show is recommended for adults not for children as violence might have a negative influence over them. But it's very important for children to become aware of the heinous crimes that are going around them and that is where we as adults have to play our role. The TRP of the show was quite high and its outreach to the audience was tremendous. People loved watching the show. It is a must watch for people to become aware of the society we live in.