Hindi Tv Serial Kaarvan Kismat Ka

Kaarvan Kismat Ka Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv
Kaarvan Kismat ka was a reality game show aired on Zee TV. It was conceptualized by UK Independent Entertainment Production and format licensing company, Zeal television and was presented by famous TV personality Javed Jaffrey. Kaarvan kismat ka is an Indian adaptation of UK game show, The Treasure Trail by Chatterbox Productions. In each episode in the show, six participants engage in a battle of wits to avoid elimination and one who remains till the end gets a cash prize. It is produced by Miditech Productions. Unlike other games, all of the multiple answers for the GK questions in this show are correct except one. One would need to avoid choosing the wrong answer. The faces of all six players were loaded in to the virtual treasure trail lottery machine through a computer driven graphic system. Once the machine started, the faces tumbled around. One of the players was selected at random who was given the opportunity to answer first. Playwin Sikkim Thunderball was also telecast along with this show on Zee TV.

It was a weekly show on Zee TV which started on July 29, 2002 and continued through several episodes. The amount at stake was Rs 10 Lacs and the winner took it all.