Hindi Tv Serial Janbaaz Sindbad

Janbaaz Sindbad Hindi TV SERIALS on ZEE TV

Janbaaz Sindbad is an Indian adventurous Indian television series which is premiered on 27 December 2015. This show was the first time broadcasted on Zee TV. This story is based on Sindbad, the sailor, which is a well-known folktale. It is produced by Sagar Pictures and Ashvini Yardi and Minakshi Sagar. The cast of the serial consists of Harsh Rajput in the main lead as Sindbad, Malika Singh as Aamen, Mamik Singh as Arslaan, Esha Chawla as Kaya, GauravVasudev as Koshike, Aryan Vaid as Zafar, Anirudh Dave as Zuhair/ Zahid and Chetan Hansraj as Rawat. It aired on every Sunday nights on Zee TV, loved by kids, young and old. Even after being a great folktale, the show had to shut down and stopped shooting because of the low TRP rates.

The latest episode was telecasted on 28th of February 2016. With lush green landscapes and the surreal underwater world, Janbaaz Sindbad is a fascinating place where truth wins overall. Mamik Singh’s seen playing the role of Arslaan in the series. The world of Sinbad was supposed to be a place where all the humans could live peacefully. Unfortunately, an evil force comes to this world and creates unnecessary problems.This evil force is so powerful that it could destroy everybody and it can use its power directly to control the minds of people and turn them against one another.Iblis, the personification of evil was unstoppable and because of his evil deeds the world is divided, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

A few good humans named the seven protectors, manages to capture the iblis and tie him up with seven chains in the dark ocean. They could only subdue him and not wreck him forever. Now the most loyal disciple of Iblis, Keharmaan wants to unlock the seven chains and free this beast and unleash the unimaginable horrors to the world. For this purpose, he needs to have the seven keys to unlock the chains, and these chains can be unlocked using a diamond cuff.

With this motive, he ravages Basara, who kills Zafar, the man in possession of the diamond cuff, and destroys his whole family. This turned the eight-year-old son, to be an orphan. This boy is Sindbad whose small hand is endowed with the responsibility of protecting the diamond cuff from the evils, but his innocent soul is filled with the uncontrollable desires of vengeance. Sindbad just like his father wants to destroy the evils from the world by destroying Iblis, the one who spread darkness in the world of light. Now, will Sindbad be successful in his goals? Watch Sindbad to find out more.