Hindi Tv Serial Hazir Jawab Birbal

Hazir Jawab Birbal Hindi TV SERIALS on BIG Magic

Reliance Broadcast Network .ltd has refurbished their flagship show “Akbar Birbal” which was broadcasted on the big magic channel to “Hazir Jawab Birbal”. Hazir Jawab Birbal, the name itself is speaking out loud its own story.It is a television series which beautifully portray the unmatchable bond of “Jalaluddin Akbar”, the emperor and “Birbal”, the advisor.

No doubt, the stories of the companionship is popular since ages but the element which makes it different from the stories we heard, from our elders is the genre chosen by the writer “Deepak Malik”. The writer chose a humorous way to show or to unfold the problems prevailing in the society, which makes it a ‘sitcom’.

It is smartly targeting the problems and outcomes of the common people and transparency of the position holder. This 38 episodes television series is produced by Triangle Film Production which stars “Saurabh Raj Jain “ as the emperor ‘Akbar’ and “ Gaurav Khanna”, as the advisor in the main lead.

As Akbar is known for his adorable questions and on the other side, Birbal is popular for his witty actions, keeping this thing in mind the writer and the director have come up with the episodes, which are strongly based on the issues of the Janta as corruption, inflation etc.

Gaurav Khanna, who is playing the role of Birbal, the protagonist, is portraying him as a strong character, which has an answer to every question and a solution for every problem. He knows how to work smartly according to the situation and the best part of his given role, is the way that there is an essence of laughter and humor. even in a serious situation.

On the other hand, the role of ‘Akbar’ played by ‘Saurabh Raj Jain’ is shown as an inquisitive young ruler who always has questions about his empire or about his people. The new twist is the age of the emperor in the show; it breaks the image of old Akbar and gives a new outlook to the show itself.

If we throw some of the limelight on the other characters as well, they helped or beautifully work as the backbone of the serial. Shoma Anand as dai ammi(mother of Akbar), Vikas Khoker as Adham Khan(son of Maham Anga), Yashkant Sharma as raja darban and much more worked artistically in the show. In short, the serial is unpredictable with the elements of laughter and with the strange ways to solve any kind of serious problems.