Hindi Tv Serial Bhagonwali-Baante Apni Taqdeer

Bhagonwali-Baante Apni Taqdeer Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Bhagonwali-Baante Apni Taqdeer was an Indian Drama that was aired on Zee TV. The story revolves around the orphan girl called Runjhun. Her uncle and aunt didn’t give her the respect and every time she was ill-treated by them. Runjhun is very unlucky and an innocent young girl, she tried a lot to win their hearts but never succeeded in that. The situation gets more terrible when they got her married to a local goon Guddu Shukla.

Guddu didn’t love her but as the time passed on, with her innocence and affection he accepts Runjhun as her wife. When Guddu shows signs of a good human being his friend Jabbu pulls him back, but eventually Runjhun will be able to make him a good human being. Madhavi is the cousin sister of Runjhun and when she was pregnant a lot of weird occurances take place and how Runjhun tackles them is the highlight of the show.