Avdhesh Kushwaha Hindi Actor

Avdhesh Kushwala is a 43-year-old actor. His height is around 5'4" and he weighs 70 kgs. His eye color is dark brown, and skin color is Wheatish dark. He is an Indian and lives in Mumbai.


1. Indian Soap: - Bhagonwali- Baante Apni Taqdeer (318 episodes), Aaj Ki Housewife (53 episode)

2. Films: - Laxman Rekha, Shoot Out At Wadala, Future Toh Bright Hai Ji Ab Tak, Dev.

3. Ad Films: - Dots, Krishna Milk, Kis Had Tak, Maya Atta, Rahat Ruh Tel. (In Dots- cure for TB Avdesh is seen with Vivek Oberoi)

His role in Bhagonwali- Baante Apni Taqdeer

Avdhesh played the character of Bantu in his TV debut Bhagonwali. His character was very entertaining but was a side role. His world revolved around his wife (). Bantu in the entire series, tried every possible thing to make his wife happy. He was shown as the most loving and caring husband. His character was very soft hearted and did everything that his wife wished him to do.

His role in Aaj Ki Housewife Hai- Sab Jaanti Hai

Avdhesh played the character of Bajrangi, a native police officer (Havaldar) in the Zee TV show ‘Aaj Ki Housewife Hai.’ In this Daily Soap Bajrangi’s world revolved around his Sir (Senior police inspector Kanhaiyya Chaturvedi played by Anirudh Dave Anirudh Dave is an Indian television actor. He was >> Read More... Anirudh Dave .) Bajrangi was a funny character, who does everything according to his Sir. His style of dialogue delivering was humorous.