Hindi Tv Serial Baal Veer

Baal Veer Hindi Tv serials on Sab tv

Baal Veer is the hero of all the children associated with it, may it be the children in the show or the children watching the show. The character of Baal Veer shows how an evil can be defeated by following a good path. Sab Tv Telecasts Baal Veer. Fairies are a main part of this Serial.

So, this show is all about goodness, honesty, and humanity. The basic plot of the show is how good always wins over bad and to no surprise it has become a treat to watch for all the children and a much better prospect (keeping in mind the future) than the cartoons. Baalveer is about Pari in English means Fairy.

The theme revolves around Baal Veer, who as the name suggests is the hero of children. He reminds the children of the superheroes of Hollywood movies. He is their messiah, who will rescue them from all kinds of bad happenings (evil). Here the antagonist is Bhayankar Pari, who tries to harm the honest people, children and also Baal Veer's friends. Sab Tv has great views for Baal Veer

But contrary to her evil desires she always gets beaten by the prowess of Baal Veer. He is considered a superhuman not only because of the powers he possesses but also for his good deeds, not only the children in the show but also the children watching the show feel that way.

He possesses great powers which are fascinating to watch for the children. No doubt that this show relates to millions of children and in spite of being a fictional character it makes them understand a ‘not so easy’ saying: “Honesty is the best policy !!!”

The details of the Baal Veer cast can be found in the sidebar. You can relive your childhood memories by viewing all the Baal Veer episodes 2016.