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English Tv Show We The People

We The People  English NEWS on NDTV India

We The People was an Indian television talk show, which is hosted by the very renowned anchor ‘ Barkha Dutt A television journalist, Barkha Dutt works as a co >> Read More... ’. The television series had been launched by the channel NDTV 24x7. The show was launched in the year 2001, in the month of February, on the first Sunday of the month. The show comprised of approximately forty minutes run time without any commercials, and this way maintained seriousness throughout its airing time.

The show is formatted as a debate show. The topics of discussion are based on current affairs, and a panel consisting of about six to eight is invited for each subject. The panelists who appear on the show are usually politicians, academicians, celebrities, social scientists, or social workers. It all depends on the type of subject being discussed. Apart from the panel, Barkha Dutt sits as the host and mediates between the panel and audience, who ask questions to whichever panelist they want to.

In 2001, when the show was aired for the first time, the premiering show featured the topic of the aftermath of the Gujarat earthquake that had taken place then. It aired only two episodes in the year 2001. The next time this show was seen on-air was in 2005. Like 2001, even this year only 2 episodes were shown. After this, from 2006 to 2012 this show was telecasted a lot with brand new topics of discussion, and the subjects weren’t only limited to issues related to the nation’s government and politics.

The show dealt with social issues like traditions and its impact on the women in our society, the concept of marriage in recent times, homosexuality, and many more. It also dealt with grievances like rape cases, inhumanity on minorities, medical terrorism, spirituality business, regulation of the Internet, and countless’ other topics. The most popular topics of discussion had been rape cases in India, in which the judicial capacity of the nation was questioned.

Also, euthanasia in India, role of women in religion, the commune of death sentences by ‘ Pratibha Patil   The 12th President of India, Pratibha Patil, is >> Read More... ’, and reservations in India were discussed. The biggest topic of discussion which got discussed a lot of times was the matter of rapes in India, and seeing the time period when India was in an outrage because of the Delhi rape case, it created a huge impact on its viewers.

The show won a lot of accolades by various organizations. In 2008, the show received the award for the best talk show at the Asian Television Award Show, and at the NT Award in the year 2007.