English Tv Show The Walking Dead Season 5

The Walking Dead Season 5 English TV SERIALS on AMC

With 16 episodes the fifth season of Walking Dead aired from October 12, 2014, to March 29, 2015.The series is based on the similar comic series created by Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore. Walking dead revolves around a deputy officer, Rick Grimes who is shot and goes into a coma only to return in a zombie apocalypse. They are in their journey Rick and his gang are captured in a boxcar by the Termians. They get the weapons and get ready to attack when the door of the train car opens but are surprised attacked by tear-gas from above by the Termians. In the first episode, there is a flashback scene where Gareth is inside a dark room telling his friend that they should not have brought them here. After that, the scene turns back to today's time where Rick and the other are brought to a warehouse where one by one they are hit on the head and killed by slitting their throats. Just when it comes to one of the main characters of the show, Gareth steps in. Bob tells him that they know someone with the cure but Gareth does not listen to him instead asks Rick to tell him what is in the bag that he has hidden. After telling him that there are weapons like AK47 Gareth shuts their mouth and let them there to be killed but just then there is a bombarding explosion.

Carol is responsible for the bombardment. She turns herself into a zombie look alike to enter the compound with the zombies. Distracted by the sound Gareth runs out the warehouse and Rick gets a chance to fight back so the remaining two man of Gareth is killed by Rick. As the head to the rest of Terminus, they see how the Termians have slaughtered other people. They decide to free the people in the train cars. And fight with the Termians and walkers. Carol gets into a fight with a woman where the lady explains why the Termians are the way they are. It was really once was a sanctuary for people to live but some people took their advantage ,raped women and took away their place. Carol shoots and leaves her for the walkers (zombies). After the fight ,Rick takes them to the place where he had hidden the weapons.Then they head back to a cabin where Carol had left Tyreese and Judith with one of the Termians they took as a hostage. While Carol was gone the hostage got hold of Judith and threatened Tyreese to go outside where he killed the walkers returned inside and killed the hostage.

Everybody reunites with each other and decides to leave the Terminus instead of taking revenge on them. Rick replaces the sanctuary with No sanctuary for others as a warning. The episode begins with people forgiving each other. Rick also asks Carol if they can join her from now onwards.As they start to move out from the place because of a figure that they saw during the night they hear a scream.They follow the sound to find out that a priest is being attacked by the walkers. After saving him they start interrogating him and find out that he has never ever killed a human or a walker.His name is Gabriel.Father Gabriel leads the group to the church. They decide to repair Father’s car and head out. Father Gabriel tell them that there is a canned food drive which has over a dozen walker. The group decides o hunt food there. Abraham decides to split from the group and move to DC but is convinced by others to stay.

They do get divided into smaller groups to accomplish their mission.Rick, Bob, Sasha and Michonne follow Gabriel to the place where there might be additional food supplies from the canned food drive.Rick here confesses that he has not decided that they should kill the Termians or not.Carol and Daryl’s job is to get water. Glenn, Maggie, and Tara raid a gun store where Glenn gets a silencer.There was a flood in the food supply.Rick and the team keep away the walkers while Father Gabriel tries to run away but he rescues him anyway.Bob is attacked by submerged walker but is saved. Carl and Rick see scratches in the church window.They find a writing,”You’ll burn for this”. With the food collected a feast is held at night.During the feast, people continue asking for forgiveness and are forgiven and hugged. While sitting outside in the car Carol and Daryl are passed by a car which had kidnapped Beth.They chase that car. Bob is then attacked by a figure while he is outside.After he gains his consciousness he realises he is captured by Gareth and they (the Termians)are eating his foot. Bob tells the Termians and Gareth that the foot that they been eating is walker-infected. On seeing that some of their friends are missing,Sasha doubts Father Gabriel to be behind this all.Rick forces him to tell his side of the story.

Father Gabriel then admits to his guilt of not letting people in for shelter when it all first started.The Termians leave Bob outside the church.Bob tells the group about what had happened.Abraham says its tie for them to leave for DC and not risk Eugene's life anymore.But Rick refuses to go without Daryl and Carol.Glenn,Maggie and Tara decides to go to DC with Abraham if he stays for one more day and helps beat the Termians. Even after convincing Sasha to be with Bob in his last moments ,Tara decides to go out and take revenge.They lure the Termians in the church by making them think that the stronger people of the group have left .As soon as they let their guard down, Rick ,Michonne,Sasha and Gareth kill all the survivors.The other people bid farewell to Bob as he takes his final breath. Abraham,Tara,Glenn and Maggie then head towards DC .Abraham gives Rick map of their route so that they could follow them once Daryl and Carol are back.Michonne then sees Daryl come out of woods .On asking where Carol is , he asks an unseen person to come out. Beth opens up her eyes in a hospital bed.A doctor and cop come to her to tell her that they saved her from rotters. In the hospital, people are given job and the ones who do not work properly are killed by sending them to the rotter's.

She brings Dr. Edwards some food which he offers to share .She refuses so that she does not have more debt to them.A guy named Gavin appears telling Beth about how Dr. Edwards helped him while he was escaping from rotters.He then slaps Beth and runs away.She then meets a nurse named Noah who tells her how Lerner(cop) saved him and not his father for he would have fought back.Lerner asks Beth to work off and pay her debt for they saved her.A nurse named Joan is brought to emergency as she is bitten by a walker.Beth comes to know that something very bad had happened to her.Gorman(another cop) annoys Beth by forcing lollipop into her mouth.Dr. Edwards save her from him and take her to the ground.He shows her how better the hospital is than down here with the walkers. Beth checks on a patient who dies after being nursed by her.Noah takes the blame on him.Lerner's people beat him up.Beth and Noah decide to escape.They go down the elevator shaft but Noah is grabbed in mid-way.Somehow they make it outside the hallway with rotter's around them.Beth then starts shooting down the rotter's. Noah escapes but Beth is recaptured.Lerner hits on Beth's head.Beth is brought to Dr. Edwards for stitches. She then realizes that he had given her wrong medicine which killed Trevor.

Another patient is brought and Beth sees that it is Carol. Abraham and others are on their way to DC when the tire of the bus blows out and the bus flips over.Everybody gets trapped in the bus with walkers outside around the bus.They come out killing the walkers but then the bus catches fire.The group then take shelter in a library.Eugene then confesses to Tara that the tire blew out because of him.The next morning they take a fire truck to DC but it stops right after 10 seconds.And then they are surrounded by walkers.Eugene kills them with a hose of the fire truck.The group is again stuck on the road .Everybody then protests to stay back instead of continuing. Abraham refuses and walks off with Eugene.Suddenly Eugene yells and tells that he is not a scientist.He does not know the cure .Everybody is shocked.Eugene tells them he lied to get to DC because it was the safest place to be.Abraham punches Eugene and walks away. Carol and Daryl watch as a cop exits from a vehicle.Daryl decides to follow him or her and find out about them.But they are out of gas so their car doesn’t start.So they both decide to stay inside the city for the night.They come across in a children’s shelter.After talking for a while they realise there are child walkers around.Daryl asks Carol to not kill them.

Next morning Carol finds Daryl burning the child walkers.They both go to investigate the city and end up in an executive building.On their way back they are held up at gunpoint by Noah.Noah takes their weapons away and frees the walkers around for him to be free to run away from them.Daryl and Carol then get into a van .The walkers pound the van and it falls .Fortunately, it falls right side up hurting Carol’s shoulder and leg.Daryl helps Carol limp away and come across a sanctuary in an office building.Carol is attacked by walker and Daryl saves her.They find Noah there and take back their weapons.Noah is then attacked by walker and Daryl saves him.Noah then tells them about Beth being trapped in the hospital.Carol then gets hit by a car and is taken away by the workers of the hospital.Noah and Daryl steal the van to use it to save both Carol and Beth. Noah is back at the church preparing with others to go help save Carol and Beth.Carl teaches Father Gabriel how to protect himself.At first, he refuses to learn but after Carl tells him that eventually, he has to go out and face the world he makes way for his escape.He escapes to the woods and is attacked by a walker whom he fights back but can not because of walkers crucifix.The group heading to DC are confused about where to go so they decide to stay there and find water.In the river, they find a trace of fish and so they prepare to catch the fishes.In the church, Rick decides to attack the hospital and kill everyone that comes in between.

Tyreese,however,plans to capture some prisoners and exchange them for Beth and Carol.Inside the hospital, a decision is made to remove the machine that is keeping Carol alive.Dawn advice on how to save Carol to Beth .Beth asks Dr. Edwards the medicine information to make Carol become conscious.By making Noah a bait Rick captures two of the cops as per Tyreese ‘s plan.But the cops are rescued as soon as they are taken as hostage.The car that came to their rescue is stopped by walkers and two of the cops run away .The third cop attacks Daryl and throws him to the walker.Daryl kills the walker and uses it to attack the officer.They then get three hostages. One of the female cops suggests to kill Dawn instead of exchanging them.But the other cop says otherwise.At the factory, Bob distracts Sasha and runs away. Father Gabriel winds up back at church after being chased by the walker.

Carl and Michonne decide to help him even if it destroys the protection that they installed in the church to keep the walkers away.Father Gabriel is brought in safely but then they realize that it is not just a walker but herd of walkers.He asks Carl and Michonne to escape through the hole that he dug to run away.They then lock the church from outside to keep the walkers in .The walkers are about to break out of the church when a fire truck comes to block the door.Abraham and the others are back.They tell them about Eugene being a liar and Maggie comes to know about her sister being alive.At the hospital, Dawn gets worried about her cops .Dawn believes that the world will come back to the way it was.

While Dawn tells Beth about how she killed a cop of her own she is overheard by another cop named Donald.Donald and Dawn then get into a fight and the gun from Dawn’s hand falls down to the elevator shaft.Beth saves Dawn and pushes Donald into the elevator shaft.Dawn offers one more chance to Beth to become the community member.Rick offers to trade the two hostages for Beth and Carol.They are about out to exchange the cops and Beth and Carol when Dawn asks him to give her Noah too.Noah agrees to leave Rick’s group when suddenly Beth stabs Dawn’s shoulder with scissors.So he shoots Beth’s head.Daryl then shoots her in the head.The fire truck arrives at the hospital.

The group then heads to Richmond,Virginia.Noah finds out that the community that he once lived in has been destroyed by the zombies and is devastated.They are attacked by walkers.Noah then with Tyreeses goes to see his home.They find his mother and twin brother dead with their brain taken out.Tyreese then gets bitten by a young walker .Rick and all are made aware by Noah that Tyreese is bitten. They go into the house to help him and kill all the walkers that come in between.They take him into a car.Then they bring him out and bury him. The group is now heading towards DC while thinking about all the people they have lost.The group gets followed by walkers and once the walkers get big in number ,they decide to fight back.After the fight, they go looking for supplies.They cook feral dogs .Daryl wanders off from the group and tries feeling pain other than Beth’s death.They coma across water bottles on a side with a note that says from a friend but everyone is in doubt if they should drink I or not.Then it starts raining and Rick and all start filling their bottle with rain water.

Rick tries to get the hope of the group back again referring themselves as the walking dead.A stranger then approaches Rick.He calls himself Aaron and says that he has some good news. Rick punches Aaron. He is suspicious of Aaron and thinks that his group wants to attack their group. Aaron tells him that he understands Rick’s suspicion and that the bottles of water were left by their group for the survivors. In order to prove Rick that he is not lying, Aaron is ready to drive them back to their community. He sends his friends to check out if Aaron is telling the truth. When they return safely back, everyone else wants to go and see the community of Aaron. Rick still doubts but heads for it anyways.

Aaron then looks for Eric on their way back who is his boyfriend. The group then is just away from DC when their car stops. Rick wanders off into the woods to hide his weapons. They then get into a new surrounding where they have difficulty in returning back to normal. They face many challenges as they try to adjust to the new lifestyle of the community. They find trouble in Alexandria while greater trouble waits at the gate of Alexandria.