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Humour is an art that no artist can teach. One can learn to do many things but to make someone laugh is talent in itself. Mixing humour with facts and science would have sounded foolish to many until they came across the National Geographic Channel’s “Science of Stupid” in July 2014. Presented by the famous English host, Richard Mark Hammond, this show is a comedic series illustrating the science of action in various daily encounters. It portrays the scientific facts behind complex appearing stunts, adventures, sports, and so on.

There’s ample of science behind one action stunt, and if anything goes wrong, it can lead to hazardous accidents. The whole concept of ‘Science of Stupid’ revolves around making the audience understand this while sharing with them a lighter moment. Most thrilling shows have always scrolled at the bottom “Don’t try at home”. But 'Science of stupid' deals with no fiction. It solely delivers the point as to ‘why not to try at home’. It chops the big encyclopaedia's for a crisp explanation of scientific facts. We often tend to forget that the world we are living in is dire. As told by a great naturalist, ‘Our world is like a giant spider web. If you touch one of its threads, you send shudders to the rest.’ The Science of Stupid also shows us how we are incidentally influencing nature and how adversely we are purporting it. We often forget how connected the activities of animals are.

The best example is that of the food chain which exhibits the linkage of animals and plants ultimately maintaining the natural balance. Science is huge, and so are its components. Every season of ‘Science of Stupid’ is focused on a few branches of science mainly the physics and chemistry. The show started in July 2014 when its first episode aired on  21st of the month. The first season did fourteen episodes until 7th of August 2014. To the delight of the viewers, the second season started within a period of six months. The first episode of Season 2 aired on 2nd of March 2015 and the last one aired on 20th of March 2015. They did fifteen episodes of the season and had left us guessing when they’ll do Season 3. My naive request to Hammond and his team is to please confirm to all of us who came out first, the egg or the chick.