English Tv Show I Love Cooking

Ever since Nigella Lawson started to take up our home screen space, there has been a rising demand for our very own female chef. There have been various experiments as to who can keep up pace with her British contemporary but failed blatantly in the endeavors. Joey Mathew was brought on the screen to fill up Nigella’s vacuum.

The show was beautifully scripted, directed and shot but there was a major flaw. Mathews whenever used to cook and the product used to turn out edible or something that got cooked her expression became undecidedly surprised. We also have Ravinder Bhogal in Ravinder’s Kitchen on TLC, but not too quite up to the mark. But thankfully, channel biggies have seen the problem and have taken the view that if we can’t have Nigella, at least we can have Donna Hay, which seems to be the summation for the brand new cookery show in town—I Love Cooking anchored by ex-VJ Maria Goretti.

The show telecasts on Living Foodz every Thursday and Friday at night. The thing that sets Goretti apart is that she is a celebrity and thus lively and easy going in front of the camera. It is always a plus point if you are a TV celebrity already. I Love Cooking with Maria Goretti, has recipes which one can follow from her blog.

Each episode teaches us two recipes and a “DIY kitchen craft trick.” Maybe the channel heads had asked for something new. The time that could have been spent into sharing another recipe is instead used up for teaching these crafts. It is a treat to watch a celebrity who knows her recipes and cooking tips well. Goretti moves around in the kitchen with grace and ease which is quite soothing to watch.

The show starts with Frank Sinatra-style theme music. The first episode aired had her cook yogurt stuffed roasted brinjal; curried mixed spinach served with corn bread and Bengali-style tomato chutney. None of the dishes looked particularly attractive, but it was the first episode. She also taught us how to make a storage space out of a mitten and cardboard. In the next episode, the recipe was idiyappam with sweetened coconut milk. She also prepared kabargah, a Kashmiri delicacy which is lamb ribs cooked in milk. She also taught us how to make decorated candle sticks with cinnamon sticks. It’s amazing to see a talented, eloquent celebrity chef and a working mother to take up the screen on Indian television.