English Tv Show How Do They Do It

How Do They Do It English TV SHOWS on Discovery Channel

The amazing secrets behind everyday objects that we take for granted. “How do they do it?” is a series that show the marvels of science. After watching it you may not look at ordinary objects the same way you used to. A tube of toothpaste, pencil, matchstick; there is a lot of production that goes on and lot of technology used. This show provides and insight to the production of such items. This series show the viewers the engineering and scientific miracles and also showcase the ability of people to solve problems.

How do they do it is a television series that is produced by wag TV for the discovery channel. It stars Chris Broyles, Robert Llewellyn, Dominic Frisby, Rupert Degas and Iain Lee. In each programme, they explore 2 to 3 day to day ordinary objects and find the science and system behind how they are made. The shows slogan is aptly, “Behind the ordinary is the extraordinary." This series is broadcast all around the world on various discovery owned networks.

These include the likes of Science Channel, Discovery Channel, DMAX and Quest in the United Kingdom. Science Channel in the United States, Discovery Channel in Asia, Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Spain, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, Discovery Channel and Discovery Science in Italy. Rupert Degas narrated the series 1 and 2. Series 1 and 2 was co-produced with Rocket Surgery Productions. Iain Lee narrated series 3 and 4 of how do they do it.

Series 5 and 6 were done by Dominic Frisby. The UK's Channel 5 started airing‘how do they do it’,in 2008, presented by Robert Llewellyn. The version was released in the UK on DVD in May 2010. The programme is veryh much alike the popular Canadian-produced documentary programme, “How it's Made”, which is also broadcasted on Discovery Channel networks.