English Tv Show Friends

Friends English TV SERIALS on NBC

A journey of six friends, living with each other in the heart of New York City is an overwhelming one. Over the course of ten years, this group of friends goes through a massive turmoil of romance, hardships, friendship, joy and tears. The American sitcom started in association with Warner Bros. Production company. The series has a great cultural impact on the society. A comedy series based in the city of Manhattan, unrolling the life of six 20 something friends over the course of 10 years with their favourite hangout being the coffee shop ‘Central Perk'.

Rachel Green – a popular girl at school in the past, is now a spoiled rich brat living off his father's money. In attempting to start a new life, she runs out of her marriage to her best friend Monica Geller and eventually befriends other four to make an independent life. Monica Geller – a compulsive neat freak, a chef by then, was teased in high school for being overweight. However, Monica lost weight and is a head chef at a top restaurant, struggles with her love life.

Ross Geller – Monica's older brother, always had strong feelings for Rachel since high school. He is a successful palaeontologist and is often teased by his friends for being geeky. Ross has experienced many setbacks in life, including three divorces and bringing up a son with his lesbian ex-wife. Ross is now devoted to finding a girl and settle down, without a divorce and made his personal goal to share romantic interests with Rachel. Phoebe Buffay – an orphan twin child, yet loving hippy had a hard time surviving in life without her parents. Phoebe has now become a personal masseuse despite that, she dreams of becoming a singing sensation and writes songs based on her experiences as well as performing at ‘Central Perk' at times.

Even though the others believe she’ll not be able to make it, still, supports her to write. Chandler Bing – a financially secure data analyst and an average looking cigarette addict, who relies on his sense of humour as a defence mechanism, never had a serious relationship and is afraid of commitment. Even though he is wealthy, the other five friends are not aware of his job. Joey Tribbiani – a struggling small-time actor, is very close to Chandler and is his roommate. Despite being an average Joey is a charming, subtle guy who is successful with women, wants to get famous and rich. But it is never straightforward, is it? The side-splitting series with emotion and drama.