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Follow The Rules is an English Reality TV show featuring Grammy-nominated Rapper Jeffrey Atkins who is better known by his stage name JA Rule. The show features JA Rule and his family which includes his wife Aisha, his kids Brittney, Jeffrey Jr and Jordan also the rapper’s mother and his mother-in-law . The show is known for his comedy and follows the rapper and his family in their hectic home life.

The show is produced by Queen Latifah who like JA Rule is a 7 time Grammy nominated rapper and an actress, Irv Gotti another rapper who has worked with JA Rule in the past, Shakim Compere CEO of Flavour Unit Entertainment, Christian Sarabia and Jeffery Atkins who also stars in the show, The show premiered on MTV on 26 of October 2015. the season had 12 episodes each 22 minutes long where the viewers got a look at the rapper’s life and how through love and laughter JA and his wife manage to keep his family together which prove to be a hectic job because they have been through many hardships together which include JA Rule’s 28 month prison term he served for Tax Evasion and don’t always agree on everything
.The show joins a long list of other rappers who have created TV shows on their family lives including 18 times Grammy nominated Rapper Snoop Dogg, coolio and DMX to name a few. The show features three generation of the Atkins family living under a roof going about their day to day life with the family overcoming each of their problems together like a family. The season had a lot of skiing and camping trips, neighborhood watches as robberies take place in the street they live on, school projects of their two sons and dealing with their daughter as she tries to prove to her parents that she is not a child anymore as she starts her college life. The show is yet to be confirmed for a second season by the network as it struggled to get views.

The show was criticized as it was presented a reality TV show when in fact it was neither a sitcom or a reality TV show. The critics also have said the plots looked forced and that it has low energy action. The show was created to be fun, humorous and to show how celebrities handle their family life but hasn’t lived up to its reputation.