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A United States based television series, Dual Survival was first aired on June 11, 2010. Since then, the reality show has released 9 seasons differing with the number of episodes per season. As of the latest episode on October 12, 2016 there has been a total of 77 episodes in 9 seasons. In spite of all the controversies the show has been through, Dual Survival continues to be among the top choices of many adventurous lads. However, the stunts shown in the show are performed by experts and shouldn’t be mimicked at home.

Survival, as in the title itself, indicates the kind of circumstance where one has to struggle in order to continue their existence. In this reality show series, two exceptionally trained survival experts explore new wild spots from different countries having either bad climatic conditions or feral animals. They would have to overcome the plight with minimal equipment – being abandoned in the uninhabited location and share life-saving tricks essential during situation like theirs. From ‘Eating Dust’ to ‘Dying of Thirst’, the two survivalists come across life threatening surroundings where applying science and intelligence at the perfect time would save them from death.

Be it Peru’s Valley of the Volcanoes or Arizona’s arid climate, the anchors survey and tour places risking their lives and training the viewers the art of surviving. The show is produced by Original Media and distributed by Discovery Communication. Each episode runs for around 45 minutes and is telecast on the Discovery Channel. Cody Lundin and Dave Canterbury starred in the initial seasons. In an episode, Dave intentionally sliced his own arm on which Lundin, his co-host demonstrated the technique used to stop bleeding. After the second season, Joseph (aka Joe) Teti replaced Canterbury. Teti was a military contractor and NGSF soldier. The duo (Lundin and Teti) hoisted the entire third season whereas in fourth Malt Graham made an appearance.

Lundin had posted on his Facebook fan page that he was fired from the series on debates regarding his safety. Joe Teti and Malt Graham carried up the show till Season 6 together after which Bill McConnell and Grady Powell took their place. Few more changes followed instantly in 2016; and the latest episode that was aired on October 12, 2016 starred Jeff Zausch and E.J.Snyder. Paul Christie narrates the show. After the success in US, a Brazilian version came to TV in the year 2012, presented by Leonardo Rocha and Edmilson Leite.