English Tv Show Chase The Monsoon 4

Chase The Monsoon 4 English TV SHOWS on M TV

It is the fourth season of the Chase the Monsoon bike riding competition, which encourages the riding skills of the young generation. As monsoon is the right season to sell more tyers, CEAT tyers choose the season and promote their sales through the events. MTV, along with CEAT, allows the entrants through Instagram, Twitter, and Mail-In. Instagram and Twitter methods are applicable for only those who have purchased a cup of MTN DEW® Berry Monsoon in Sam’s Club Café. They should take the photo with it and post it on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #Ride Like Chase Sweepstakes. If they don’t purchase, they should Mail-In their name to the official address. In this season, out of two thousand hundred entrants, the VJ’s are judges for the selection of contestants. VJ Gaelyn and Youth Icon VJ Ran Vijay gave the guidelines for joining the show.

They use reactions on Facebook to guess the theme. Through all the sites of MTV, the manufacturers invite entrants to form various parts of the nation. The twisting things in this show the team which gets rains first during their journey will take double points as their under monsoon with the real ambiance. They start many social media campaigns other than live streaming. Out of more than two thousand hundred applicants, the panel selects only six bikers for specified themes. Each team takes a bike that is suitable for their themes. But all the bikers have to travel in the same starting point from Shimla to Ooty, which gives them the madness of movies, thrilling travel in the mountains, and horror effect moving fast.

They should also perform various flag tasks given to them during their travel. As #chasepanga, the ex-roadies contestants Hifsa Sharma and Rohan Pillai came into the game for five days to make it more challenging and interesting. They will chase them, following behind them, and exposes a very tough competition to the contestants. It is the first time in the four seasons where celebrity participants are allowed to take part. To make the show more familiar, they added other challenges like Pokémon-go and #beatpebooty. That attracts more viewers. To earn more points, each team has to take photos and record videos through their journey, and post them on Instagram and Twitter. The team which has more votes means the likes will grab the points.

They introduce the concept of social currency here. Their active interaction in the social networking sites will directly turn to money, and the participants avail themselves daily. They depend on social currency for further expenditure during the journey. Other than the points, Physical stamina, mental strength, biking knowledge, and team coordination are the factors that decide winners. In previous seasons only the highlights of rides on each day are telecasted on TV. But in this season, they broadcast the whole travel compressing to ten episodes on 8.30 PM on Friday.