English Tv Show Catfish Season 3

Catfish Season 3	 English TV SHOWS on M TV

This program was aired on MTV since May 2014 for about two months. This series was developed by Max Joseph, Nev Schulman, Yaniv Schulman and Ariel Schulman. Albert Ambrose, Mell Bowser, Kevalena Everett, Analysia Gramajo, Nic Hodges, Lotti Pharriss Knowles, Michelle Lukiman, Jaki Nelson, Carly Nykanen, Shanee Pink, Michaela Qvake, Tracie Thoms, Marrisa Von Bleicken and Sarah Young worked along with the developers as the cast. This season was covered by ten episodes each running for about forty minutes.

This show was produced by Catfish Picture Company. Andrew Jarecki, Brad Bishop, David Metzler, Ariel Schulman, Jonathan Karshis, Julie Link Steffens, Henry Joost, Nev Schulman, Mark Smerling, Marshell Eisen, Guillermo Bonilla, Nomi, Ernst Leidner and Tom Ferman were the executive producers. This series was under the cinematography of Max Joseph and John De Tarsio. It was a documentary series based on real life events. This show was just like an awareness program for social media users. It attracted more teenage people. It had approximately 7.5 million viewers. It preached on smart surfing. Selita Ebanks was the special guest for this season.

This season was nominated by Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association 2013 for Unsung TV show of the year and for Teen Choice Awards 2014. ‘Catfish’ title is for a person who doesn’t reveal their original identity on social media, but disguises and cheats in the name of love. The person may disguise as someone else or take up a fake identity. Every episode the host helps an individual to uncover the real person. He brings the individuals out of obsession and emotional attachments. This season opens with Zoe and Craig. The former was found to hail from Shelby and the latter from Pittsburgh. Zoe has behaved indifferently when Craig requested to see her photo.

Zoe was found to be Cassandra, daughter of Mary Ann Razmus. This particular episode had approximately 2.5 million viewers. The next plot revealed that Carmen cheated her own cousin Antwane disgusting as Tony. Antoinette is found to be cheated by Joseph but finally, the investigations reveal that Albert is the catfish. Albert is the brother of Joseph. The fourth episode deals with Kidd Cole and Lucie and the tracking reveals Kidd Cole to be the catfish. The successive plot revealed that Tracie was cheated by Sammie. In the sixth plot, Adam is the catfish who creates Kelsey in order to keep John away from his girl friend Ellie. The episodes continue with more people and catfishes.