English Tv Show Catastrophe

Catastrophe English TV SHOWS on Channel 4

Catastrophe is a British sitcom, which used to air on Channel 4 in May 2014, by Jack Bayles and is directed by Ben Taylor. Written by Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan, it has a runtime of one hour and was successful in completing 18 episodes. Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney are the lead actors playing Sharon Morris and Rob Norris respectively. The theme of the series is skilfully composed by Oli Julian. Sharon is an Irish school teacher who encounters a charming American man named Rob. He is in London for a business trip.

The first two episodes present a very cute moment of Rob proposing to Sharon, and them ending up in a week-long hook up. The story gradually unfolds to reveal the chemistry that they share and they decide to enjoy life together in a relationship not bound by any restrictions or responsibilities. But of course, life decides to test them. Rob is very upset with his advertising agency’s business state. On the other side, Sharon gets pregnant disturbing all the plans that they had made.

This news instils a sense of responsibility in them. Rob and Sharon decide to get a little serious about this and deal with it maturely when the only option left is taking their relationship to the next level. They become an exclusive couple. Everything was falling into the place when doctors revealed that her pregnancy is not simple and is full of complications. They realize that she would be delivering a baby with Down Syndrome.

It becomes worse when Rob loses his job. He gets fired on Skype because he is unsuccessful in meeting the target of the clients. They call up their parents for the engagement. They are very excited about it but a little disappointed about the pregnancy. After the baby is born, Sharon decides to get back at work. They begin looking out for babysitters so that they can get back to work. Rob looks for new jobs but ends up joining the old one; Sharon gets promoted as her co-worker kills himself.

The bad financial situation, however, still persists. They overcome these problems very firmly. The series is a great hit and praised by all. Rated 8.2 out of 10 on IMDb, it won many hearts. This show targets people of all age groups. Catastrophe means a situation that causes damage or disaster. Their life is always on the edge of a knife. Therefore, the name fits the storyline