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English Tv Show 3rd and Bird

3rd and Bird Hindi tv-shows on ZeeQ

Samuel Lovebird, the eldest of the Lovebird children, lives with his little sister Muffin in a beautiful old tree. The beautiful old tree is home to a colony of pretty and colourful birdhouses. Along with his best friend Rudy and his little sister Muffin, he embarks on a series of fantastic adventures in the canopy of the beautiful old tree. It is ‘a charming new animated series all about community’ as said in a press release. It is an animated series for young children, to help them develop the necessary social skills to integrate themselves in the world better.

The episodes generally follow a storyline where one of the friends finds themselves in a problem, and the trio tries to solve. An animation style called “Photo Puppetry” is used in the show. There are three main characters throughout the series. Samuel, who is a green lovebird, is the eldest of the Lovebird children and is a role model to Muffin, his younger sister. He often teaches her how to be responsible and helpful. Muffin, who is a pink lovebird, is Samuel’s younger sister who is very young.

She is so young that she is not able to fly or speak clearly and often rides on top of Samuel. Rudy, who is a cockatoo, is Samuel’s best friend, and they often have adventures together. Along with the trio, another character, Mr Beakman or Beaky as called by Muffin, acts as the guardian figure to the trio. He is a wise Toucan who often gives the trio advises. This animated series was created to help parents in inculcating the basic social skills in their children. The series often stresses on the importance of community for social health and every individual’s role in their own community.

It tries to explain this fact to children in a way they can understand and retain. Every episode is a colourful journey filled with music and fun, written to convey the message with ease to younger audiences. It is a must watch for every child who is in their preschool years.