English Tv Serial Rolie Polie Olie

Rolie Polie Olie English TV SERIALS on DISNEY TV

This is again a kid’s show which had roots in Canda, America, and France. The producer of the show was Nelvana, and Sparx, but then it was distributed to Disney, and aired in Junior Disney for children. The show’s protagonist is a robot who is made up of three-dimensional geometric shapes and several spheres. This show was best suited for the preschool children.

It also won a Gemini Award in Canada for the title of “Best Animated Program” in 1999. The award lists also contains Daytime Emmy Award, and also the producer William Joyce won the Daytime Emmy for Best Production Design for this unique show. The show revolves around the Polie Family who are the residents of a teapot shaped house in the geometric world named Polie. The planet has characters as robots.

There is a young robot named Olie who experiences adventures and learns the life lessons. His family includes Zowie, the inventor father, Pappy, the funny grandfather, and his loving mom, not to forget his beloved dog, Spot.