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Digimon Xros Wars better known as Digimon Fusion in India. It is originally a Japanese animated television series which was released on 6 July 2010 in Japan. This animated television series is written by Riku Sanjo, and the same is directed by Tetsuya Endo. It had a total of 79 episodes which started telecasting on 6 July 2010 and came till 21 March 2012. It was from the genre action, science, adventure, and fantasy. It was divided into three parts from these 79 episodes also. The first part was from 1 till 30 episodes, and there was no particular name for this part. The second part was from 31 to 54 episodes, and it is named as The Evil Death Generals and the Seven Kingdoms.

Then the last third part was from 55 till 79 episodes, and it was better known as The Boy Hunters Who Leapt through Time. These were the three parts of the very famous television series Digimon Xros Wars. The main character in the show is a boy named as Taiki Kudo. He was the one who saved the digital world by combining the power of Digimon. The first part started when the boy was in 7th grade. He is always there to help others in between this he met a Digimon who was about to die if he is not saved. Then the boy with his friends discovers new things as the time was passing.

Later they realize that an evil power is empowering of the world. Then at the end, they all succeeded to save the world from evil and all the Digimon return to their world along with that boy who has now turned into one of the Digimon. So now the second part started in the Digimon world where that boy named as Mikey and his friend Digimon named as Shoutmon saw that something was wrong over the place. Their place was divided, and they had a ruler over each division. Here the need of fighting with those leaders and saving the Digimon world.

Then they started their preparations to fight and finally they won, and then the new king of the place was there to civilize his kingdom with no division was ready. And the new king was Shoutmon. In the third part of the show when Mikey had established his team of basketball in his human world was now working with his friends, and they discover a new world called DigiQuartz. After researching a lot, they came to know that it was the evil that they killed a year ago had taken a new birth and had decided to save the human world from the Digimon. It is all about the story of Digimon Xros Wars.