English Tv Serial 666 Park Avenue

666 Park Avenue, a paranormal television series based on the novel by author Gabriella Pierce of the same name. It was developed and produced by David Wilcox. The show first aired in September 2012. The show follows the life of a couple who learns that the apartment building that they moved into might be possessed by supernatural forces. To give it more realistic touch the director shot the entire series in an actual building called "The Ansonia" located on the Upper East Side of the Manhattan. On November 16, 2012 it was announced by the channel which aired the show that the series had been canceled but it would initially finish its thirteen-episode run on television.

The show revolves around the life of Jane Van and her boyfriend Henry Martin, who are the new managers of the hotel Drake, w situated at ‘999 Park Avenue’, Manhattan, New York City. The hotel Drake belongs to a billionaire named Gavin Doran and his beautiful wife Olivia. The show focuses on the lives of Jane, Henry and other people residing in the Drake whose lives are mysteriously controlled by the Drake and its owner. Henry Martin and his girlfriend Jane Van are appointed as the new managers of the luxury hotel Drake. Everything seems normal when they enter the premise initially, until Jane starts having nightmares and meets one of the tenant covered in blood.

Henry and Jane tries to form an unlikely friendship with Gavin and Olivia, whose job in reality is to get weak and corrupt people to sign over their soul in order to fulfill their short term dreams. Brian is a tenant in the building and is currently concentrating on his scrip for a play. He suddenly finds himself distracted from work by a young woman named Alexis, who lives across the street from his apartment. Nona is another shady tenant, who has a habit of stealing things. She steals Jane's necklace and it is revealed that she has the ability to foresee into other people's lives and deaths. Jane tried to learn about the Drake and its history and uncovers the mystery of the dragon mosaic, which she had seen in the hotel basement.

Jane continues with her research and finds birds in one of the hotel rooms. She calls an exterminator to take care of the birds who himself was found lost. Nona in her vision sees his death by the hands of the demonic birds; and this eventually becomes reality. This made Jane realize the connection between the birds and the Drake, and their co- existence. Jane continuously saw a little girl, who would disappear as soon as she would try to talk to her. Jane tells Olivia that she is seeing the ghost of a teenage girl, and then Olivia tells Jane about her daughter Sasha, who died in an accident 10 years ago but it actually turned out to be suicide in reality. A young and talented journalist, Annie Morgan starts writing articles about the things happening in the Drake to see if it could help her in uplifting her Journalism career.

Annie visits Gavin after writing about a killer who doesn’t even exist but become alive and goes after her. Gavin promises to deal with it only if she makes sure that the killers will go after somebody else. Meanwhile, Jane lost her necklace and while searching for that she got to that the theft cases were common even with the other tenants; and promises to find the thief and get him arrested. Nona meets a social worker and she steals her sunglasses. Jane then realizes that Nona is the thief. Jane finally confronts her and assures her that she will not report to the authorities but only in one condition if she returns everything that she has stolen from other tenants. Before going to a party at the mayor's manor, Nona has a vision of Henry getting murdered.

Nona tells Jane about Henry and warns her not to let him out of her sight but refuses to state the reason. At the party, Jane witnesses a man grabbing a gun and aiming for Henry but she yells Henry's name and saves his life. But the bullet strike Annie Morgan in her head. While planning for the Drake's annual Halloween ball, Olivia remembers an unfamiliar Halloween in 1929 where a man murdered his wife but his daughter survived. Jane finds an article of the same attack and she came to know that it is the same girl whom she had been continuously seeing. Jane is then told by the ghost daughter that her father escaped from the suit case, only so that the men now chase Jane through the hotel in order to murder her with an axe.

Gavin tries to save her life but later receives a threatening text. Gavin saves Olivia's life and he also retrieves the box of his that had been stolen from him. After Jane was attacked, Jane and Henry deal felt the aftermath with Jane having nightmares. They find out that everything Jane experience is false, after they conversed with the police. Gavin continues to find the man responsible for the robbery, eventually finding him. During a lunch date with Jane, a man asks Olivia to stay away from Gavin. Laurel helps Henry in his political career by stating that being the most eligible bachelor, he needs to stay. Henry was awarded for his bravery with which he stopped the gunman at Mayor's Manor while Jane continuosly begs Henry to leave.

Brian decides that he wants to leave Louise for Alexis, whereas Henry decides to ask Jane for marriage with the help of Olivia and Gavin. Nona gets a vision of her grandma telling her not to let Jane leave from the Drake. Henry finds a scared Jane in the hospital and she wishes to go home but he thinks she'll be safer in the hospital. Jane learns that she is acting in the same way as another patient- Julian Waters. She decides to visit him and sees that he has written symbols all over his wall and she writes those symbols all over her walls too. Jane is discharged from the hospital and she is visited by Nona who tells her that she knows someone who could help her. Maris Elder stayed in Jane's apartment at the Drake.

Maris hypnotizes Jane in order to help her remember what happened when she visited the basement of the Drake. She is transported back to 1927 where she meets a woman named Libby who Jane believes to be the same one she's been seeing in her mirror. Jane finds an old journal in Kramer apartment that contains the symbols which she had drawn on her hospital walls. It is revealed that Libby offered herself for ritual killing to spare Jane's grandmother. In the hospital Gavin is handed over Jane's medical report complete with her psychiatric history, which he fully intends to use to ruin Henry's political career. Gavin goes to a noisy bar to meet Laurel Harris. Laure actually is revealed as his daughter Sasha, who died in an accident. Jane sees Libby in the mirror, drawing the symbols that she saw in Kramer's diary and Maris Elder's door.

To unveil the mystery, Jane visits the home of descendant of a member of the Order of the Dragon and there she meets Harlan Moore, an Old man who is wearing the ring of the sacrifice. He is 117 years old. He informs Jane that to save Libby she has to open a door that is situated in the center of the building. Jane finds a mirror in the basement after finding the door, and breaks it and finally manages to free Libby's soul, but this also releases a dark mass. The mass is thrown at her and she apparently wakes up from her sleep-thinking and realizes that it was just a dream. Sasha while discussing Henry’s campaign with Gavin, suggests that Henry should start talking at community meetings to gain popularity and suggests that they should begin with the Church- Saint Thomas, which is the largest in Manhattan.

The church's Cardinal is tormented as he himself is seeing demons. Sasha meets with the church's Cardinal and tells him that she can help in making the demons go away if he agrees to kill Gavin Doran. She tells him that in order to kill Gavin they need a knife which is anointed with a king's blood. Sasha and the Cardinal get the knife that killed the king Julius Caesar, in an auction. At the church, the Cardinal fails to kill Gavin. Sasha also tries to kill her own mother but Gavin reaches on time to save her life. Gavin opens the dragon mosaic to trap Sasha. Harlan Moore the old man Jane that met, becomes the new tenant at the Drake using the name Patrick Cory. Jane informs Detective Cooper about the fact that she has unveiled the secret of Kramer's diary with the help information provided by Harlan Moore who has started staying at the Drake under the name of Patrick Cory.

Two thieves stole Kramer’s diary from Jane’s apartment. Olivia and Gavin help Henry to organize this engagement party. Henry goes to Jane's father to invite him and ask him to marry her but he was turned down. Harlan tells Jane about the Vatican policy of the 16th century to destroy the Order of the Dragon. The Conspiratii were the spies for the Vatican. Upon finding the diary missing she believes it is detective Cooper who stole the diary from her and confronts him. Cooper tells her that he asked his men to photograph the diary and not steal it. He tells her about the Conspiratii that it’s a group of cardinals who conspired to kill the pope, originated in 1542. They were to believe that Satan had taken control of the prophecy. It came to be true eventually but the corrupt people escaped.

Since then, the group had held meetings in secret and have continued their task to track down Gavin Doran, who is believed to be Satan’s last living agent.. Jane's blood opens the door to the dragon mosaic in Harlan's room and Cooper worries that Harlan may sacrifice Jane like he did with Libby. Cooper rushes to the Drake to protect Jane getting sacrificed but Gavin is already waiting for him. Gavin unfolds the information on Harlan from Cooper. He confronts Harlan but his wife Olivia traps Harlan in the box at Drake which is the source of Gavin's power. Henry occupies himself with his campaign for the position of a city councilor. Jane finds out more about her father and the past, Nate who insists she must leave the Drake or she will end up dead just like her mother.

Gavin and Olivia tell Jane about her mother that she did not died from drowning in the lake but she actually drowned in the bathtub of the Drake. Nate asks Jane go away from the Drake but Gavin stops them from leaving and brings them to an apartment where he demands Jane's father to kill Henry. Nate shoots Henry and flees with Henry while dying Jane begs to Gavin to save him. Gavin decides to reveal it to Jane in that moment that he is her real father and he had an affair with her, mother before drowning her. He tells Jane that he will help save Henry's life, but she has to the pay the price i.e., Jane's soul.

One year later, Henry becomes the city councilor and Jane has taken up on Gavin's offer to join him as the right-hand woman who now is married to Henry and has a blooming career. Gavin tells Jane about their business and the mystery regarding Drake; it is to fulfill people's needs for a small duration in order to satisfy their souls and "make the world as they want it and not as it was given to them". Gavin tells Jane that she is destined to have a baby who will have real power and will "bring the world to heel under their command". In the last scene of the last episode, Jane is shown telling Henry that she is pregnant.