Bengali Tv Serial Rimli

Rimli Bengali TV SERIALS on Zee Bangla

Rimli is a Bengali drama series created and developed by Acropolis Entertainment. It airs on ZEE Bangla and can also be watched on ZEE5. It stars ‘Idhika Paul,’ ‘John Bhattacharya’ and ‘Bidipta Chakrabarty’ in lead roles. It premiered on 15th February, 2021. The show tells the story of Rimli, a village girl working on a farm to earn a living for herself and her family. She is very brave and cannot stand injustice. She always raises her voice against wrongdoings. When a group of powerful people try to wrong the villagers, she fights on their behalf. She is also very honest and works very hard.

In the course of the serial, Rimli gets married to Uday, and is initially not accepted by him and his family. She works her way and wins the heart of her husband and his family. However, some members of the family still conspire against her. Rimli commits many brave deeds throughout the series. These include, exposing a man who abuses her, and saving her sister-in-law from a gang of goons, which leads to her getting close to her mother-in-law. Later she loses her mother-in-law’s trust and goes on to face more obstacles.