Bengali Tv Serial Bidhilipi

Bidhilipi Bengali TV SERIALS on Sun Bangla

Bidhilipi is a Bengali romantic drama TV serial that aired on Sun Bangla. This is the story of Anil and Sathi and how their fate brings them together unexpectedly. Sathi and Anil meet on a train journey, where they exchange a few words. Anil is a married man but with a failed marriage. His family is not aware of their failed relationship and assumes Sathi to be his wife. They take her home welcoming her as Anil’s wife. She decides to go along with the situation as she notices Anil’s mother be very unwell. She takes care of her and makes relations with the rest of the family members. Due to her love and care, Anil’s mother starts to recover at an amazing speed. Everything was going well until Anil found out that Sathi was a married woman. He does not know much about her previous life because of the ongoing situation in the family and the lie about Sathi being his wife. Turns out Sathi’s past is somehow connected to Anil’s family.