The story is a bit similar to some of the other devotional films i.e. the long told epic of an atheist turning into a believer, but it is refreshingly different

Sri Manjunatha Movie Review

Sri Manjunatha Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
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Review for the film " Sri Manjunatha"
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Runtime: 2 Hours 46 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 22-06-2001
3.5 / 5.0

The story is a bit similar to some of the other devotional films i.e. the long told epic of an atheist turning into a believer, but it is refreshingly different. This flick focusses on the various miracles performed by Lord Shiva which transforms the atheist into a Lord Shiva believer. The movie is filled with some incredible devotional songs as well with Shankar Mahadevan Shankar Mahadevan, a well-renowned, talented and f >> Read More... Shankar Mahadevan leading the pack.

Plot: The film starts with an atheist by the name of Manjunatha (played by Arjun), who does not believe in Lord Shiva (played by Chiranjeevi) and in fact staunchly opposes anyone who believes in the Lord. One village girl Katyayani (Soundarya) is an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and meets with Manjunatha a couple of times. One fateful day Katyayani meets with an accident and is then looked after by Manjunatha for the entire night, which is considered blasphemous by the village folk.

Fearing backlash from the villagers, Manjunatha marries Katyayani. After some time, the devotion shown by Katyayani towards Lord Shiva starts to irritate Manjunatha. But after a short trip to lord Shiva’s shrine, he realizes his mistakes and follows in the footsteps of all the Lord’s devotees. Lord Shiva tests this Manjunatha’s newly found devotion, but Manjunatha fails. Disappointed with his failure, Manjunatha starts his journey to correct all that he has done wrong.

Analysis: This movie is a devotee’s delight, and inspires devotion. Sometimes, in a genre like this, some characters tend to go overboard. But every character in this movie has played their part to perfection. Chiranjeevi as Lord Shiva is perfect, the tandav performed by him is brilliant and awe-inspiring. But in the acting department, Arjun takes the cake, his seamless transformation from an atheist to a devotee is stupendous. K Raghavendra Rao is in charge of the screenplay and direction, and he has done a splendid job in both departments.

Music is also magnificent, Hamsalekha has done a terrific job, as music forms a very vital part of a devotional film. One of the few downsides this movie has is that it trudges through the first half, and only begins to pick up in the second half.

Star Performances: Chiranjeevi and Arjun are both superb in their respective roles, particularly Arjun, who has ample amount of screen time and has used it well. Soundarya has a small but crucial role in the movie, and even she has pulled through. JK Bharavi who is in charge of the story and dialogues has created a story that intrigues us all. As mentioned before, K Raghavendra Rao ties all this together fantastically.

What’s there?

• Strong performances by the entire cast and crew.

• The devotional music is also splendid.

• The climax of the film is superb as well.

• The presence of some accomplished actors is an added bonus.

What’s not there?

• The start of the film is slow, though it picks up in the second half.

• The much-awaited song 'Olammo Gowrammo' is not up to the mark.

Verdict: This is a fabulous devotional drama with a highly respected cast and crew. If you are a big fan of such shows, you cannot miss this.