Plot: The story begins with the witty Ravi (Somnath Ashwin), who joins as a bus conductor in the APSRTC bus service. He soon builds up a fantastic rapport with

Right Right Movie Review

Right Right Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
Review for the film " Right Right"
Runtime: 2 Hours
Certificate: U
Released: 10-06-2016
Genre: Romance
2.75 / 5.0

Plot: The story begins with the witty Ravi (Somnath Ashwin), who joins as a bus conductor in the APSRTC bus service. He soon builds up a fantastic rapport with the driver of the bus, Seshu (Kalakeya Prabhakar) as well as with the daily passengers who used to commute by the bus. Ravi is a happy person with a simple life, complete with a beautiful lady-love, Pooja Zaveri. There is a twist in the plot when one fine day, Seshu, who was a happy-go- lucky kind of person, gets drunk.

Ravi, the bus conductor, had to drive the bus as Seshu was too drunk to do so. In the middle of the journey, Ravi is forced to come to a halt when he hears a sound from somewhere in front of the bus. When he gets down, he comes to know that there is a person under the bus who is almost on the verge of death. How did Ravi end up in such a situation, what was the victim’s identity and how did he end up under the bus, is something which the silver screen is set to reveal.

Analysis: Director Manu’s debut directorial, ‘ Right Right Click to look into! >> Read More... Right Right ’, is the remake of the 2012 Malayalam film, ‘Original’. His work as a new- comer is average, nothing very great or admirable. The execution details of the movie are not very appealing. The cast does put in a great effort to make the film likable.

Star Performances: the character of Ravi portrayed by Somnath Ashwin is laudable. He falls into the character with ease and is most lovable in the role of the jolly bus conductor. The role of Seshu is also portrayed in the most entertaining way by Kalakeya Prabhakar. The other members of the cast such as Pooja Zaveri also do full justice to their characters.

What’s There? The story is gripping complete with twists and turns which keep the audience intrigued throughout. The second most appreciated element of the movie is the short duration. The storyline is short and crisp which does not keep lagging on in an unending manner. The cast is brilliant. The choice of actors is such which will engage the audience entertained. The Camera work is laudable. The locales are perfect, and aptly captured to add the realistic touch to the movie. The dialogues are pretty catching and add flavor to the script.

What’s Not There? There is nothing innovative about the storyline, the plot or the sub-plots. The director’s work is average and could have been better. The execution and the screenplay of the film are very weak. The music of the movie by JB is mediocre and not very appealing leave a few songs.

Verdict: ‘Right Right’ is an average movie which has nothing very great to offer. If one wants to watch a movie just for the sake of killing time, then go for it.