Iddaram is a Tollywood love story directed by Sudhakara Vinukonda and the movie stars Sanjeev and Sai Krupa in main roles The film also features other actors l

Iddaram Movie Review

Iddaram Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
Review for the film " Iddaram"
Runtime: 1 Hour 54 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 08-07-2016
Genre: Romance, Drama
2.5 / 5.0

Iddaram is a Tollywood love story directed by Sudhakara Vinukonda and the movie stars Sanjeev and Sai Krupa in main roles. The film also features other actors like Surya, Ranganath, Jeeva, Basha, Prashanthi in supporting roles

Plot: The story begins in a hospital where a man named Ajay had met with an accident and lost his memory. He doesn’t remember anything but an old man helps him around a little telling him trivial things about him. Then an unknown girl enters and professes his love for him. She spends a lot of tie with him an eventually he falls in love with her too. He tells her about his memory loss and she persuades him to find out about his past. He does, and flashbacks tell about a group of boys go around teaching young couples about the negative aspects of early marriage and children.

One of them is Ajay who finds out that the other boys are actually raping young girls. He confronts them and decided to stop them. This way he gets separated from the group. The gang finds out about Ajay and his girlfriend and want to capture them. There is a fight between them and Ajay get severely injured in a car accident and his girlfriend dies. This is how he loses his memory, in the accident. Now the girl suggests him to avenge himself and his past girlfriend and guides him to take revenge from his friends. Apart from this, Ajay is confused about this girl. Who is she? How did she know him and about him? What is her motive?

Analysis: The film has a sweet concept and the director has executed it well. The acting is amazing the chemistry of the lead couple is simple yet sizzling. But the director has somehow left the main part of the movie hanging and incomplete abruptly. It really had a unique message for the society. But overall, the film is amazing.

Star Performances: Sanjeev has yet again, excelled and won hearts with his performance. Sai Krupa has also performed well, and can improve.

What’s There:

1.The movie has an interesting story line.

2. The screenplay is splendid with amazing dialogues.

What’s Not There:

The glitch in the film is that the main part was not well executed.

Verdict: Its a great watch and worth the time and money one spends to watch it.