Horror movies are recently trending in Telugu film industry Thus a lot of movies are being based on horror plots Among these is the horror flick lsquo Digb

Digbandhana Movie Review

Digbandhana Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Digbandhana"
Runtime: 1 Hour 53 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 30-09-2016
Genre: Horror
2.5 / 5.0



Horror movies are recently trending in Telugu film industry. Thus, a lot of movies are being based on horror plots. Among these, is the horror flick ‘ Digbandhana’ which hit the floors of theaters on 1st July 2016. In this film, we can see new actors except Dhana Dhan Dhanraj.

Plot: The story is based on sound, that is, how fast sound travels through the air. One day, Srinivas plans an outing with his friends to a farmhouse. But accidently they reach a different farmhouse. Here, strange things are taking place and unluckily, Srinivas starts to change in a weird manner. His behavior is strange, and he starts talking in different languages. He also becomes powerful through sound waves, creating problems for his friends and even hurting them because he is out of control. Now the story revolves around how his friends will stop this chaos and bring their friend back to normal. The friends see no better alternative than to seek help from a famous saint who has the solution to bring back Srinivas give a reason behind his sudden change in behavior and madness.

Analysis: The story line is different and is an attempt to blend science with real life, through the horror genre. The whole concept is new, and the idea is applaudable hence, credits to the director and screenwriters. It is scary and has comedy elements too which are really entertaining, which works to lighten the ambiance and makes it easier to watch for the audience. The actors have done a good job, and so has the director. The narration needs brushing up. The VFX and visual graphics are over the top but apt to bring in the horror effects. They can be better, though. The actor Srinivas has a new look and is also part of the direction which is very impressive. The movie also has an interesting background score.

What's There: 

1. The story is interesting and unique.

2. Visual Effects were used boldly and are good.

3. Cast performance is commendable.

4. Comedy is very entertaining and has been blended well with the horror.

What's Not There:

The narration was not very smooth and could have been better.

Verdict: It’s a fun watch, and each department has done their job well so grab your tickets., especially horror film lovers. All in all, it’s a thrilling entertainer.