Bengal Tiger has indeed developed a buzz with its trailers and songs and now it has hit the screens Well does the movie live up to its expectations Has Ravi

Bengal Tiger Movie Review

Bengal Tiger Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
Movie story for the film "Bengal Tiger"
Runtime: 2 Hours 31 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 10-12-2015
Genre: Action, Romance, Drama
3 / 5.0

Bengal Tiger has indeed developed a buzz with its trailers and songs and now it has hit the screens. Well, does the movie live up to its expectations? Has Ravi Teja come out with a winner? Read more to know.


Ravi Teja leads a happy life and aspires to make a big name for himself. He gets himself associated with Sayaji Shinde, a State Minister and climbs the ladder of success steadily. Eventually, Ravi Teja becomes the great support of Rao Ramesh, a home minister. Raashi Khanna, the daughter of Rao Ramesh, falls for Ravi Teja. Rao Ramesh plans for the marriage of Raashi Khanna and invites Sayaji Shinde, the Chief Minister. Here then, Rao Ramesh and Sayaji Shinde are in for a shock by Ravi Teja. What is in store for the both? Who is Tamannaah in the movie? Watch the movie to know more.

Star Performances

Ravi Teja gives a convincing performance and proves that he is a mass entertainer. Sampath Nandi has exploited Ravi Teja’s talent in a commendable manner. As for Raashi Khanna, her glamor is good, and she fits her role to the T. Tamannaah looks ravishing in the movie and has done what is required of her.
Prudhvi is at his best in the movie. He has all the essentials to be the next Brahmi. He is evolving into a very good comedian, movie after movie. Boman Irani, Sayaji Shinde, and Rao Ramesh have done justice to their roles.


Sampath Nandi, the director of this movie, has shown that he is good at mass entertainers. The hype on the hero, comedy elements and the story are all balanced in the movie.

What’s there?

1.     BGM of Chinna is noteworthy. 
2.     Bheem’s music is ok. 
3.    The punch lines written by Sampath add to the strength of the movie. 
4. The first half is interspersed with sufficient humor. The humor of Ravi Teja, Pruthvi and Posana is very good.
5.    Soundararajan’s cinematography is excellent. 

Whats’s not there?

1.    Sometimes the movie goes on predictable lines. 
2.    The songs in the second half that are shown successively spoil the tempo of the movie. 
3.    Sometimes the emotions seem to be unwanted. 


The movie is an outright mass entertainer with great comedy.