Mookuthi Amman is scripted and directed by RJ Balaji and NJ Saravanan. The film is produced by Vels Film International. The film has Nayanthara, RJ Balaji, T

Mookuthi Amman

Mookuthi Amman Tamil Movie Review
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Review for the film " Mookuthi Amman Review"
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Runtime: 2 Hours 15 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 14-11-2020
Genre: Comedy
4 / 5.0

Mookuthi Amman is scripted and directed by RJ Balaji RJ Balaji is the famous name of Balaji Patturaj. H >> Read More... RJ Balaji and NJ Saravanan NJ Saravanan is an Indian-origin director who pred >> Read More... NJ Saravanan . The film is produced by Vels Film International. The film has “ Nayanthara Nayantara also called as Nayanthara Kurian, is a r >> Read More... Nayanthara ,” RJ Balaji, “TSBK Moulee,” “ Urvashi Urvashi is the stage name of Kavitha Ranjini, a pr >> Read More... Urvashi ,” Indhuja Ravichandran, LR Easwari, Ajay Gosh and “ Mayilsamy Mayilsamy is a popular and veteran television down >> Read More... Mayilsamy ” in the cast. Girishh composed the music. Dinesh Krishnan Dinesh Krishnan is one of the famous cinematograph >> Read More... Dinesh Krishnan cranked the camera and editing is by RK Selva. The film released on 14th November 2020 as a Diwali special.


Engels Ramasamy is a reporter, who works for a local channel. He stays with his mother, grandfather and three younger sisters. His father, Somasundaram ran away when Engel's mother was six month pregnant with his youngest sister. Engels is the breadwinner of the family. One day, when he prays to their family deity, Mookuthi Amman, she appears before him. Initially, he didn’t believe her. Mookuthi Amman asks him to test her and so, he asks for a huge house and wealthy lifestyle. Soon, he gets all his wishes and then, started believing her. But, God has some other plans for him. There is a godman named Bhagavathi Baba, who cheats on people in the name of religion. God decides to tear his mask with the help of Engels.

Star Performance

Nayanthara is wonderful as usual. Her style and charm attract the audience. Deepa Venkat Deepa Venkat is a Tamil film and a TV actress who >> Read More... Deepa Venkat , the voice of Nayanthara is the soul of Mookuthi Amman. RJ Balaji, Urvashi and the rest of the characters played so naturally.


RJ Balaji tested his hands in direction for the first time with NJ Saravanan and surely he is the winner. The comedy scenes with political touch are brilliantly penned. The cast is perfect and the dialogues are excellent. The BGM and the cinematography are good. Recently, we witnessed horror-comedy films and this is the first film they have made a comedy movie with God as the lead.

What’s There?

The performance of the stars is fantastic

Nayanthara’s presence is the biggest plus

RJ Balaji and NJ Saravanan’s direction is excellent

What’s Not There?

Nothing negative


The film is really a complete family entertainer with comedy and sentiment elements. Urvashi and RJ Balaji are perfect in their roles. Nayanthara’s fans get a huge treat with this film. Mookuthi Amman – A boon to the cinema enthusiasts!