Jiivi is a mystery thriller scripted and directed by VJ Gopinath. Babu Thamizh co-scripted the film. The star cast has Vetri, Karunakaran, Monica Chinnakotl

Jiivi Movie Review

Jiivi Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
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Review for the film " Jiivi"
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Runtime: 1 Hour 53 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 28-06-2019
Genre: Drama, Horror
3 / 5.0



Jiivi Click to look into! >> Read More... Jiivi ” is a mystery thriller scripted and directed by VJ Gopinath VJ Gopinath is an Indian film director who has don >> Read More... VJ Gopinath . Babu Thamizh co-scripted the film. The star cast has Vetri, “ Karunakaran Karunakaran is an Indian movie actor and writer wh >> Read More... Karunakaran ,” Monica Chinnakotla Monica Chinnakotla is a movie actress who speciali >> Read More... Monica Chinnakotla , “ Rohini Rohini is a multi-talented South Indian actress, d >> Read More... Rohini ,” “ V R Rama Actress Bio Coming Soon... >> Read More... V R Rama ” and . Praveenkumar is the cinematographer and “ K L Praveen K L Praveen whose full name is Kuchipudi Latha Pra >> Read More... K L Praveen ” is the editor.


Saravanan is not right in academics but has practical knowledge. He is a good reader and a YouTube fan. He has a sister. As his parents pressurized him, he moves to Chennai in search of jobs. He works just to earn money. Saravanan has a friend, Mani. As it is the usual thing for the youngsters, Saravanan falls in love. But, in a particular stage, his girlfriend rejects him, as he doesn’t have enough money. At the same time, Saravanan and Mani plan to steal in a house, where the lady in the house has 50 sovereigns of gold jewels for her daughter’s marriage. While he completes his aim to get the jewels, he receives the information that his sister eloped with someone and his father died. He finds something related to his family and the family, where he has come to steal. What is Saravanan’s next move? Will he continue his stealing project or quit it? Watch the film in theaters!

Star Performance

Vetri had done a great job and his performance is natural. Karunakaran had excelled as usual with his casual performance. The rest of the stars have done justice to the roles given.


Jiivi is a new concept to Kollywood. The script is penned neatly and the dialogues are strong. Babu Tamizh Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Babu Tamizh is very sharp in writing the dialogues that form a pillar to the script. Although the stars had performed well, it is the script and the screenplay that excel them. The director takes a bit of time to establish the character of the hero. His role is well scripted. Similarly the twists are unexpected and they are revealed neatly. Of all, the climax is an interesting one. The cast selection is pretty good. Rama, Rohini and Karunakaran fit well in the roles. The film is technically sound. Cinematography and editing are fantastic. Praveen had worked dedicatedly to make the film appeal good. The music composition by Sundaramurthy is excellent. The BGM gels well with the script and the expressions of the stars.

What’s There?

  • Different script and neat execution
  • Performances of the stars are good
  • Production and technical values are fantastic

What’s Not There?

  • Except for a few minor errors including the slow start to establish the character nothing big


Jiivi is a different genre film, which comes with twists and turns. Watch the movie and you will never be disappointed for the money spent!