Appathava Aattaya Pottutanga is a family drama scripted and directed by Stephen Rangaraj. Selvakumar composed the music. Chandra Hassan, Sheela, Delhi Ganesh,

Appathava Aattaya Pottutanga Movie Review

Appathava Aattaya Pottutanga Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
Review for the film " Appathava Aattaya Pottutanga"
Runtime: 1 Hour 42 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 08-10-2021
Genre: Drama
3 / 5.0

Appathava Aattaya Pottutanga is a family drama scripted and directed by Stephen Rangaraj Stephen Rangaraj is an Indian film director from T >> Read More... Stephen Rangaraj . Selvakumar composed the music. Chandra Hassan Chandra Hasan is an Indian Film Actor and Producer >> Read More... Chandra Hassan ,” Sheela, Delhi Ganesh Delhi Ganesh is one of the veteran Tamil actors, b >> Read More... Delhi Ganesh , “ Ilavarasu Ilavarasu is the cinematographer turned actor in T >> Read More... Ilavarasu ,” Shanmuga Sundaram Shanmuga Sundaram, is a sought after actor till da >> Read More... Shanmuga Sundaram , , Rehana, Raj Sethupathi, Jayachandran, and many others are cast. Dr. J Jasmine produced the film.


Many are friends at an old age home. Meenakshi, a widowed mother, is one among them. She shares a good bonding with Ramasamy and they decide to marry. Their relationship didn’t go well with their families, and so, they put some restrictions. Ramasamy’s friends devise a plan to make the couple get married. Finally, they elope. Meenakshi’s son started searching for his mother. What happens next? Were they able to get married? What was in the minds of Ramasamy and Meenakshi and their children? The rest of the story deals with this.

Star Performance

Chandra Hassan did a fantastic job. If he had entered the acting side, he could have definitely got a place in the industry before some six decades. But, he settled with producing films. Sheela, who didn’t have any dialogues in the film, is made to express in the climax, which she did well. Delhi Ganesh, Ilavarasu, Shanmuga Sundaram, Kathadi Ramamurthy and Jayachandran did a good job. The rest of the stars supported well.


Although we have seen some films sharing the old-age bonding, this one took an extra step to register it in the people's minds by bringing the senior actors to enact the reality. The stars are perfectly chosen, and kudos to the casting team. Although the film has some referrals from the previous movies of similar kind and the eloping scenes from the hit movies, it makes us laugh and at the same time feel the heart of the senior citizens. The director strongly registers the love and affection of the parents that their children don’t care much. Those who don’t care about the parents' feelings are not fit to question them in their decision. The climax is intense and emotional and showers the feelings of the seniors.

What’s There?

  • The performance of the stars
  • The climax with a strong message

What’s Not There?

  • A few minor mistakes


In the climax, the director registers what most of the seniors feel. With a good set of actors, the film gives the audience an exciting watch. Though there are some minor errors, they need not be magnified. This film explains it all for the people who want to know how they would feel at their old age. It might help people to learn more about their parents. Appathava Aattaya Pottutanga – watchable!