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Sara s is a romantic comedy entertainer scripted by Akshay Hareesh and directed by Jude Anthany Joseph. PK Muralidharan and Santha Murali produced the film. Sha

Sara s Movie Review

Sara's Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
Written by Ankhi Basu
Review for the film " Sara's"
Streaming On: Amazon Prime Video
Runtime: TBC
Certificate: TBD
Released: 05-07-2021
Genre: Drama
3.25 / 5.0



Sara’s is a romantic comedy entertainer scripted by Akshay Hareesh Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Akshay Hareesh and directed by Jude Anthany Joseph Jude is a famous Malayalam film director who was b >> Read More... Jude Anthany Joseph . and Santha Murali Indian filmmaker Santha Murali has primarily produ >> Read More... Santha Murali produced the film. Shaan Rahman Shaan Rahman is a widely recognized personality in >> Read More... Shaan Rahman composed the music. The cinematography is by Nimish Ravi Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Nimish Ravi , and the editing is by Riyas K Badhar. Anna Ben Anna Ben Nayarambalam, popularly known as Anna Ben >> Read More... Anna Ben , , “Benny P Nayarambalam,” Mallika Sukumaran, Prasanth Nair, Sreelakshmi Haridas, Dhanya Varma, “Siddique,” Vijayakumar, Harikrishnan, Srindaa, Jibu Jacob, Kottayam Pradeep, Tushara, Margaret, Vridhi Vishal, Siju Wilson Siju Wilson is a new-generation Malayalam actor wh >> Read More... Siju Wilson , and Althaf Manaf Althaf Manaf is an Indian actor famously known for >> Read More... Althaf Manaf are cast in the lead roles. Aju Varghese Aju Varghese is an Indian film actor, born to Varg >> Read More... Aju Varghese , Shaan Rahman, and Vineeth Sreenivasan appear in cameo roles.


Sara is an aspiring director. She works in the film industry as a co-director. She ties the knot with Jeevan. Sara doesn’t want to have a child, and Jeevan also has no idea about having kids. Sara is pretty confident that she would become an independent director one day. But, she had to face societal pressures. What did Sara do? Was she able to fulfill her dreams? Did Jeevan support her? The rest of the film deals with it.

Star Performance

Anna Ben fit in Sara's shoes well, and she excelled in minute expressions. Sunny Wayne did justice to the given role. The rest of the stars had done their best.


The story is quite different. The screenplay is interesting too. The director comes to the point at the very beginning of the story and makes the audience understand Sara’s character. Sunny Wayne matches the wavelength of Anna, and they both have done a good job. The director has neatly portrayed the issues faced by the childless couple in society. How they are questioned, how they answer are perfectly shown. Similarly, how a woman is treated when she works hard to achieve her dreams is shown perfectly. Shaan Rahman’s music is neat. The cinematography is decent. The production and technical values are good.

What’s There?

  • Performance of the stars is good
  • Script, screenplay, and direction are neat

What’s Not There?

  • Except for a very few scenes, everything is neat and good


Sara’s is a good entertainer that shows how the society reacts to people’s decision that has no connection to them. For the performance and direction, Sara’s – watchable once!