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Pendulum is a Malayalam film released in 2023. Rejin S. Babu is the director. Mithun Girishan, Danish K.A., Binoj Villya, and Lisha Joseph are the producers. So

Pendulum Movie Review

Pendulum Movie Review Malayalam Movie Review
Written by Nishtha Sharma
Review for the film " Pendulum"
Runtime: 01 Hour 46 Minutes
Certificate: TBD
Released: 16-07-2023
Genre: Thriller, Fantasy
3 / 5.0



Pendulum is a Malayalam film released in 2023. Rejin S. Babu is the director. Mithun Girishan, Danish K.A., Binoj Villya, and Lisha Joseph are the producers. Sooraj E.S. edited the film, and Jean P. Johnson gave the music. Arun Damodaran is the cinematographer.

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The film is about Dr. Mahesh, who is struggling to find out the cause of the strange incident that happened to him. One day, Dr. Mahesh goes on a trip with his family. Things become interesting when Mahesh starts experiencing mysterious incidents around him. He is found unconscious by his family in an unknown place. Mahesh does not know how he came to this strange place. However, he remembers that he was dreaming. He was aware of all the details of his dream, including the names of the children. In order to know what actually happened to him, Mahesh starts a lucid dream (control over his dream).

What is the mystery behind these incidents that are happening to Mahesh? 

Star Performance

Vijay Babu, who played the role of Dr. Mahesh, gave an excellent performance. His dialogue delivery is very appealing to the viewers. His acting when he experiences the unusual incidents around him is the best.

Devaki Rajendran tried her best for this film. Her expressions are very realistic. Shobi Thilakan and Indrans look decent on screen. Prakash Bare dialogue delivery is excellent. Actress Anumol Manoharan fails in some scenes.


The ideas for this film are taken from the movies Inception and Dark. After a highly engaging first half, the second half develops suspense in the minds of the viewers. However, the scene that shows two teenage kids fails to create any impression in the first half. 

The change between the flashback scene and the present Dr. Mahesh scene is outstanding. At the end of the first half, the director introduces the concept of lucid dreams and time travel. The way Prakash Bare gave a description of lucid dreaming looks impressive.

However, the dialogue seems to be rigid in some scenes. Moreover, the film has only a little bit of visual effects.

What’s There?

• Incidents with Dr. Mahesh.

• Suspense.

• The ideas are from the movies Dark and Inception.

• Concept of time travel and lucid dreams.

• Both the first and second half are engaging.

• The description of lucid dreams by Prakash Bare is impressive.

• Excellent performance by Vijay Babu (Dr. Mahesh).

• Fantastic Camerawork and music.

What’s Not There?

• Rigid dialogues.

• Lack of visual effects.

• Poor performance by Anumol Manoharan.


Pendulum has a very unique concept. Such types of films have not been released in the Malayalam film industry till now. People who love the concept of time travel and dreams will like this film.